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Movie review: ‘Alpha’ is simple, but will melt any dog lover’s heart

You know Sheila the She-Wolf from "Glow" on Netflix? "Alpha" would be her favorite movie. She'd watch it every day on a VHS tape, memorizing each line of Cro-Magnon dialogue, fashioning her costumes in tribute to the fur-trimmed Hot Topic looks sported by the characters, adopting a Czech wolf dog like the one in the movie. It's sweet, really, to imagine the kind of devotion "Alpha" might inspire, a film that's very simple, kind of strange, but will melt any dog-lover's heart. It's the story of a young boy living in Europe's last Ice Age, his fight for survival and the special relationship with a wolf that keeps him alive. It's something Sheila the She-Wolf would really dig, and maybe you will too.

Valley Talent Project: Day 1 highlights

Some of the top acts in the Central Valley converged Friday, Aug. 3, 2018, at the Gallo Center for the Arts for the first day of the Valley Talent Project in Modesto, CA