Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Friday, June 7, 2019: Desalination, immigrants, and Trump

Why not turn seawater into fresh?

Re “Concerns over sale of ranch to water agency” (Front Page, June 3): The Democratic bullies are at it again. Santa Clara wants to buy — or is that steal? — the farmers’ water.

The Dems in Sacramento will again not talk about the obvious remedy: desalination. I wonder why? My, that would make a great op-ed!

Dave Shoemaker, Sonora

Immigrants invade U.S. in hordes

The Mexican delegation thinks it’s all about them. Good Faith? They have none, except to themselves. They say, “There is a limit to what we can negotiate, and the limit is Mexican dignity.” Ha! Delegation dignity? They have little. The real, honest question is their integrity: they have none.

President Trump is right to give incentives to the Mexican president regarding illegal immigration. Asylum begins and ends at the country next door, not having people get on a state bus to cross Mexico and get dropped off at the U.S.A. border. They cross that line and invade our country in hordes and become illegal aliens. Then we have to spend tens of billions of dollars to support them. This is not fair to our country nor to our taxpayers.

Mexican government, do what’s right. Protect asylum seekers as you should. Don’t shrug your responsibility by shuttling them north to our border.

Also, President Obrador, when you refuse to stop the drugs coming to America, you show your true colors: the cartels are running Mexico and you are their puppet.

Jim Bonetti, Waterford

Channeling his inner Khrushchev

Well, a temper tantrum didn’t seem to work. Do you suppose that taking off a shoe and banging it on the podium just might help get more attention?

David Ablett, Modesto

Leave God out of it, please

Re “Don’t use the bible to justify political corruption” (Letters, June 2): Neither the devil nor God is a registered voter. American voters selected Trump. He governs as a boss of a successful business, asking everyone to do their job.

(Bruce) Frohman needs to look at the mess in California, and start in San Francisco. If only Trump supporters have guns, he must have some inside information as to whom the bangers and illegals support.

As for cutting monies from agencies, I am sure most governmental agencies would be able to withstand a 3% cut for three consecutive years and still survive. The Mueller report has been released following 2.5 years of spending hundreds of millions with zero results.

As for the president’s taxes, when those from the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein are required to be released, let’s require all politicians to be scrutinized.

Larry Dovichi, Modesto

Impeach and prosecute him

Re “Tom McClintock accuses Mueller of ‘pettifoggery,’ says he should testify before Congress” (Online, May 30): I’m wondering if Rep. McClintock has actually read Robert Mueller’s report. It should be very obvious to someone who has that Mueller believes there is sufficient factual and legal evidence of obstruction of justice, that anyone other than the president would have been indicted.

Well, if McClintock wants to hear someone say it explicitly, without pettifoggery, I will: President Donald J. Trump is complicit in obstruction of justice and should be impeached, removed from office and put on trial. As for AG Barr’s characterization of Mueller’s report, no big words needed: Barr lied.

Randy Little, Turlock