Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Sunday March 17: Of Abortions, Clark shooting and death row

Abortion unnecessary with higher morals

I have read with great interest recent articles, letters and op-ed pieces concerning abortion. While my sentiments lie with the anti-abortionists, I must admit that neither side seems to be dealing with the problem.

There is a solution that is far less dangerous and deadly than abortion and much less costly and much more dependable than any sort of contraceptive on the market. What is needed is a return to those values that dictated that a man and woman do not have sex outside of marriage and that there is no disgrace to virginity, whether girl or boy, woman or man.

How do we take the first steps toward rebuilding a moral system that has been ravaged by years of hedonistic self-indulgence and gratification? We start with ourselves.

Men, respect the women in your life. Treat each one as though she were the most special person you ever knew and honor her virtue by letting her keep it. Women, respect the men in your life by being virtuous and above reproach.

Let’s begin today to live a moral and upright life, turning away from those things which would degrade us and lower our self-respect.

Raymond Newman, Modesto

Less foreign aid, more birth control

Re “Pope, give us more help and less talk” (Letters, Feb. 1): I’m 84; when my wife and I were kids, the planet had about 2 billion people. It is now around 8 billion. The poorest countries have the most children per capita along with military and religious dictatorships. Perhaps it is time for wealthy countries to stop giving money to these places who hate us, and use the money to promote birth control here.

For the sake of this planet we must start somewhere. How about this for a model? If you can’t feed them, don’t breed them, and that applies to some here in the United States.

Robert Shaw, Turlock

No payout for Clark’s survivors

Before the city of Sacramento pays anything to the Clark family, let’s check the incident where Stephon Clark was shot and killed.

The people in that neighborhood called the police department because someone was messing with cars. That’s why police were already there. Then when police were searching, you can see clearly on the TV screen the image of someone running in the back yards of these homes and jumping over some sheds. Unfortunately, the police did not have K-9s with them and the shooting occurred. You would think the media as well as the entire public would see what I, an 86-year-old vet, saw.

I only bring this up because of the recent plea by his brother for money for wrongful death. This is the same character who did his run and dance in the city council chambers, yelling and singing right up to the mayor’s lap. Now this same person is pleading for his family’s fortune.

Michael R. Gascon, Turlock

Quit coddling death-row inmates

Now that Governor Newsom has implemented a moratorium on the death penalty, the murderers on death row need to be placed in the general prison population. Our state can save millions of dollars every year by not coddling these murdering so-and-sos.

Chris Dickinson, Modesto

Fog is good — really

Re “Climate change isn’t to blame for less tule fog” (Letters, March 7): Reminded me of a prize-winning article my grandson wrote about “How Fog Affects Life” particularly in California’s Central Coast where he lives and where “the redwood trees get most of their summer moisture from the fog.” We also need to be aware that our plants and animals too depend on fog. Yes, we do have to be cautious drivers while remembering that fog is crucial for the environment.

V.J. Vogelzang, Modesto

Harder helps people

What a difference Josh Harder makes to our valley. He’s been home one week in each of the last two months and during that time he’s had town halls in different towns. I attended one in Ceres. One gentleman asked about Josh’s views on the shutdown. His answer sympathized with federal workers who were being hurt terribly. He also said to open the government under threats was not governing. He answered many questions and also stressed he was a representative for everybody in the Valley, no matter which party.

This month brought more town halls as well as a Community Health Forum in Modesto at the King-Kennedy Center. I was there and watched as he listened to people, young and old, about problems getting medical help and housing. The problems are well known, as we have many people in this position. He took questions at the end and said he would do what he could to help, but all must continue to make their voices heard. He’s for people, not power.

Diane Kroeze, Modesto

Trump is God’s gift

I thank the Lord God Almighty that he placed President Trump in office.

He has done many things that many Americans wanted: two new Supreme Court justices to shut down socialist activist judges; new tax laws that are helping most people to keep more of their money away from socialist government programs; no deal with North Korea, but at least he is talking to them and rockets are not flying; the economy has been great with many more jobs that socialists do not like because they cannot control people with programs; he continues to try to get a full border wall which socialists say is immoral, but it is not immoral for illegal immigrants to use our programs when they are not citizens.

His presidency has exposed socialists for being haters of capitalism and those who support capitalism. They are hypocrites for hating President Trump and yet saying they are peace-loving people. I hope President Trump gets re-elected so he can continue to push back against socialism and its wicked programs that tax workers and give the money to those who will not work.

Lindsey Barth, Modesto