Letters to the Editor

Letters the editor | Thursday, March 7, 2019

Climate change isn’t to blame for less tule fog

Re “Climate change — for the better” (Letters, March 5): I grew up in Stanislaus County. I remember trying to find my way to a night class at Modesto Junior College in the fog. I realize we have little tule fog these days. As I drive around, I miss all of the agriculture we were once privileged to live in. A six-lane highway passes my childhood home, and the once-cultivated land in our area is now home to shopping centers, hospitals, parking lots, apartment buildings and homes.

The lack of tule fog these days has nothing to do with climate change. Cement and asphalt are covering more acreage in this area than ever before. Tule fog is not produced from cement, asphalt or land covered with housing. It comes from exposed, open farm land.

Raedine Lillie, Modesto

Democrats excel at legal ballot harvesting

Re “Politics ain’t beanbag, and not always fair” (Page 8A, Feb. 26): Dan Walters reluctantly admits that Democratic complaints of Republican gerrymandering were accurate. However his description of what Republicans did was false. It was not to gain seats in hopes of influencing the redrawing of districts. He has it exactly backward. Gerrymandering happens once seats have been gained. Hoping is not gerrymandering.

Walters should take a few minutes to look at the handful of states currently responsible for our gerrymandering crisis: Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio and Virginia, resulting in a swing of 26 seats in Congress for Republicans in 2012.

In a past commentary for CALmatters, Walters’ headline was “Redistricting did help Democrats, but it was fair.” If only Republicans had these kinds of outcomes without the courts having to intervene.

Walters is again sloppy with the truth by suggesting ballot harvesting is a sinister plot. Both parties harvest ballots where legal. In California, Democrats simply outperform Republicans.

Finally, Walters states, “While Democrats celebrate ballot harvesting in California, they are complaining that it illegally (helped Republicans win in North Carolina).” Turns out, Dems were right. Republicans, from the outset, were suspected of and now have been indicted for tampering with ballots. When did illegal become “not always fair,” Mr. Walters?

Wayne R. Howard, Manteca

Putting politics aside in Washington, D.C.

I am so proud of our Representative Josh Harder! He is keeping his word by having town hall meetings and listening to his constituents on matters of importance that affect us in the Central Valley. He is also busy in Washington putting politics aside to get things done for our community.

Josh is keeping his promise from the campaign to focus on health care. He just introduced a bill: Medicare for All. He also led a bipartisan amendment to provide free child care to veterans suffering mental health emergencies.

After Donald Trump declared a national emergency at the border, there was worry that some funding would come from military construction projects, including some in Tracy. Josh made a commitment to closely monitor the situation and make sure that not a dime leaves the Central Valley for political gain.

We must have members of Congress put us first and not get bogged down in the show in Washington! I am just glad that Josh is focusing on solving problems, not pointing partisan fingers.

Robin Jones, Manteca

What’s good for the goose...

Trump plans to require public colleges and universities to allow hate speech in order to receive public funds. Since churches are also publicly funded through tax breaks and such, then atheists and others should be allowed at the pulpit!

Ken Garst, Turlock