Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018

Area near Enochs is a ‘raceway’

Sylvan Avenue has become a raceway between the Roselle and Millbrook roundabout and the roundabout on Sylvan and Litt Road. It’s only a matter of time before someone is struck or a child is killed on Sylvan.

With Enochs High School and the soccer park on Sylvan, I see children and residents having to run across the crosswalks at the roundabouts to avoid being struck by racing cars. On Millbrook, it’s even more dangerous from cars speeding around the corner from Sylvan all day. The danger quadruples before and after school lets out because parents parked on Millbrook in front of the “No Parking” signs.

It’s not a question of “if” but when a person will be struck by a car.

The city of Modesto and the police department must be mindful of this danger and enforce the illegal parking rules on Millbrook. How about some speed bumps between Roselle and Millbrook and on Millbrook and Litt roads?

Efren Martinez, Modesto

Attack near mall makes me afraid

Re “Woman choked outside mall” (Page 3A, Oct. 30): The article about the attempted robbery outside Sears hit close to home because it happened right here in our town near where I live. You always hear stories like this, but seldom this close. It’s miraculous the woman could escape and go inside safely. This is a wake-up call to show how important it is to know how to defend yourself. I’ve gone into that entrance of the mall several times, and it’s disconcerting that a woman was choked where so many people go in and out every day.

This makes me feel unsafe to go to the mall by myself. Fortunately, the man was caught and he’ll be getting justice.

Bri Holland, Modesto

Having a baby is the woman’s choice

Regarding nine month “abortions,” let’s get real. No woman stays pregnant for “nine” months and then all of a sudden changes her mind and decides she does not want a baby! However, women can experience life-threatening issues during late-term pregnancies. I am not a Catholic, but I remember hearing the Church would insist that if the choice was between saving the mother or the baby, it was to be the baby.

Is this what you want for your wife, your sister, your daughter, or yourself? The term “abortion” has come to include some forms of birth control. Now there is even talk that “the pill” is just another method of abortion. No woman, no matter how old and especially rape victims, should be forced to have a baby they are not prepared to care for. Babies deserve to be brought into this world because they are truly wanted by parents capable of caring for them. Only a woman knows when the time is right to have a baby (or not).

Gail Wose, Waterford