10 Best places to look for coupons

One of the easiest ways to save money is to use coupons. Here is a list of the 10 best places to find them:

 1  ADVERTISER FLIER — Most large stores in your area will have a flier with coupons that can be found in the Wednesday or Sunday newspaper. The savings can be worth the price of a subscription.

 2  BACK OF THE RECEIPT — Many grocery stores will have coupons for products in their store or for discounts at nearby merchants printed on the back of the receipt.

 3  COUPON WEB SITES — There are literally hundreds if not thousands of coupon Web sites on the Internet that can help you save money on anything from clothing to electronics to ink cartridges. Most of the coupons found online are for purchases made at a merchant's Web site. Many manufacturers will also post coupons on their Web sites for discounts on their products.

 4  PRODUCT PACKAGING — You can often find manufacturers coupons for discounts off your next purchase on the outside of the packaging or inside the box.

 5  E-MAIL — Sign up for the newsletters of the merchants you shop at most to get coupons for that merchant e-mailed to you on a regular basis. You can do the same for restaurants. Most restaurants will send you a coupon for a free meal on or around your birthday just for being a subscriber.

 6  MAILBOX — One of the best places to find local coupons is by opening your mailbox. Companies like Valpak send out a plethora of coupons for savings in and around where you live.

 7  EBAY — A search on for "coupons" yields more than than 25,000 results. That's right, a lot of people sell coupons on eBay. Do a search for the name of the store you want to shop at and the word "coupons" to see a list of auctions.

 8  COUPON BOOKS — Buy a local coupon book like the Entertainment Book to save hundreds, if not thousands, on dining, shopping and entertainment in your city. You can buy the Entertainment Book online or through community groups and schools.

 9  MAGAZINES — Magazines are a great source for coupons. You can find coupons in the advertising section, and sometimes they are inserted between pages. This month's Everyday With Rachael Ray is offering $3,453 worth of grocery coupons.

 10  IPHONE — Technology is making it easier for us to save money with coupons. The application Coupon Sherpa has in-store coupons to more than 100 stores. Just show your iPhone at checkout to get a discount.

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