A nearly 90-year-old grandmother and her 87-year-old groom tied the knot in Modesto

The bride wore off-white. The groom wore plaid. And together they proved love knows no age limit.

Omega Sullivan, who turns 90 in May, and Roy Anderson, 87, tied the knot Saturday afternoon at Janet’s Flowers & Chapel in Modesto. While the pair may seem like unlikely newlyweds, their love story is as classic as any other — just with a few more miles and years in between.

The marriage isn’t the first for either — as you might expect for octogenarians who will soon be nonagenarians. In fact, this is the eighth marriage for Sullivan and the fourth for Anderson. But Sullivan’s last marriage was some 30 years ago, when her late husband passed away. And she hasn’t had so much as a boyfriend until she met Anderson.

“My (late) husband has been dead for 30 years and the last thing I ever thought of was having another husband,” she said.

The wedding kicks off what no doubt will be a week filled with nuptials, as Valentine’s Day approaches. At the McHenry Mansion, the “Marriage at the Mansion” tradition will continue Feb. 14 with registered couples getting hitched in the historic house.

Sullivan and Anderson met about a year ago at their church in Ceres. They said they were a love match from the start. So, naturally, the next step was to get married. They were surrounded by about 50 family and friends as Sullivan walked down the aisle to her groom waiting at the altar.

Carolyne Sullivan, the former daughter-in-law of Sullivan’s late husband, attended along with an assortment of the couple’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“I told all the kids, it’s not all the time your 90-year-old grandma gets married,” she said. “But it was instant love, he swept her off her feet and she swept him off his feet.”

And they walked out together as Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.

Marijke Rowland writes about new business, restaurant and retail developments. She has been with The Modesto Bee since 1997 covering a variety of topics including arts and entertainment. Her Business Beat column runs midweek and Sundays. And it’s pronounced Mar-eye-ke.
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