Vital Statistics

Stanislaus County birth announcements (04/02/18)

The Bee publishes birth information from Kaiser Modesto Medical Center and Emanuel Medical Center. Other hospitals, including Doctors Medical Center and Memorial Medical Center, do not provide the information. Families can place special announcements in our weekly Celebrations section. For information, call 209-578-2326.



Kaiser Modesto Medical Center

March 21

LANGLEY: Jenna and Russell II, Oakdale, girl

RUTTER: Rachel and Sean Gibson, Modesto, girl

March 22

MARIANO: Shannon and Edward, Manteca, boy

ALLEE: Melissa and Christopher, Modesto, boy

JIMENEZ: Elva and Xavier, Stockton, girl

SIMENTAL: Vanessa and Jacob Rodriguez, Stockton, girl

March 23

MCBRIDE: Megan and Justin Thomas, Modesto, girl

HARBIN: Jessica and Michael, Sonora, boy

ARZATE: Beatriz and Cesar Sandoval, Stockton, girl

March 24

MUELLER: Ashley and Jeremi Burrow, Manteca, boy

MOSS: Thea and Timothy Tull, Modesto, girl

PEREZ-GONZALEZ: Brenda and Miguel Lizarraga, Riverbank, girl

FLAUTA: Janet and Jerome Holloway, Manteca, girl

SARINANA: Erica and Michael, Manteca, boy

March 26

RENTERIA: Angela and Jorge Andaverde, Delhi, boy

MARTINEZ: Angelique and Danny Vargas, Manteca, boy


Emanuel Medical Center

March 12

DE LEON: Ana and Cristian, Modesto, boy

March 22

PLATA: Jazmin, Turlock, girl

MADRIGAL: Catalina, Livingston, girl

SIMOES: Angela Maria, Modesto, girl

JONES: Tausha Lynne and Cody Firman, Ceres, girl

AVILA: Sandra Dallana, Turlock, girl

March 23

MENDOZA: Blanca Liliana and David Saltos, Delhi, boy

ARELLANO: Marlene, Turlock, girl

March 25

CROWDER: Phoenix, Turlock, boy

March 26

METZGER: Dawn, Turlock, boy

REYES: Susana, Turlock, girl

SANCHEZ: Martha, Delhi, boy

March 27

PODVIN-JONES: Amy, Turlock, girl

March 28

GARCIA: Janeth and Jose, Turlock, girl