Which fitness app to use? We asked users

There was once a time when people merely exercised. They didn't wear watches. They didn't wear heart-rate monitors. They didn't record every move. Phones were for conversations and tended to stay attached to a wall at home.


Wina Sturgeon: How to keep an athlete's car fresh and clean

If you're active outdoors or a competitive outdoor athlete, you know what that can mean for your vehicle's interior - and upholstery. Plain and simple, things get messy. Mud and dirt falls from shoes and gear. Bibs and pieces of paper get tossed onto the back seat floor and forgotten. If you have a dog or two, fur gets shed everywhere, along with any weed detritus caught in the fur.


Beginner swimming tips to make a pool workout more enjoyable

Swimming may very well be one of the best workouts there is. Not only does the fluidity of movement provide a total-body workout, but hitting the pool also helps boost mobility. A 2011 study found that adults with hip and knee arthritis received similar boosts in mobility, function and other health outcomes as they did from land-based rehabilitation. Added bonus? It rarely makes you sore.

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