Five healthy eating tips for on-the-go challenges

It's simple to stick to your diet when you're cooking at home, but when your schedule forces you to make food choices out in the real world, suddenly opting for fruit over fries gets a little more challenging. Action-packed vacations, holiday celebrations, those weeks when you've barely had time to go to the bathroom, let alone prep healthy work lunches - yep, life constantly gets in the way of a balanced diet.


Outdoor walks, even in cold weather, offer many benefits

Finding the motivation to exercise can be a challenge at any time of year. Add cold weather and shorter days to the mix, and working out - especially outdoors - can seem like a tremendous feat. But exercising outdoors has a range of benefits such as increasing vitamin D exposure and a general sense of wellbeing, according to several recent studies.


Get a better grip on your hikes with Yaktrax Pro

With ice and snow comes the potential for slips and falls, which are some of the biggest causes of winter-related injuries. You can reduce your risk for broken bones (and a bruised ego) with Yaktrax Pro, a simple device that slides over shoes or boots to provide 360 degrees of traction and keep you on your feet instead of your bum.

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