GPS tracker a must-have for off-the-grid adventures

If you're a fan of real off-the-grid adventures, cell reception is going to be sketchy at best, which makes investing in a quality GPS tracking device good practice. The SPOT Gen3 satellite personal tracker allows you to send for help to local emergency response teams, check in with friends family members and let them track you in near real-time to ensure you're safe.


The four healthiest fats for your kitchen

Franklin Becker knows fat. Wait, before you think I'm insulting the man, he's a former "Top Chef Masters" and "Iron Chef America" contestant, a renowned restaurateur, and the author of a new cookbook called "Good Fat Cooking" that's centered around, yep, fat.


Sugar Pine Railroad ride is crazy good fun

With all due regret, I must ask you to come along with me on one of those touristy train rides featuring a steam-belching locomotive that chuffs and jerks at a painfully slow pace as it traverses a landscape clear-cut by rapacious lumber companies in days of yore.

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