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After points loss is reaffirmed, Edwards is impressed with hearing, but not with NASCAR's appeals process

Carl Edwards never thought he had much of a chance when he went before NASCAR’s appeals committee to ask that his 25-point penalty be overturned.

He was right.

The three-member National Stock Car Racing Commission upheld NASCAR’s decision to dock Edwards 25 points because his winning car failed inspection at Dover. Car owner Jack Roush also was docked 25 owner points, and crew chief Bob Osborne was fined $25,000.

Those penalties also were upheld, continuing a trend by a commission that rarely overturns anything.

Edwards, who was present for the appeal, said he wants an arbitrator to hear the cases.

“I was impressed with the guys who came and heard our side of it. They’re all volunteers. It was awesome that they did that,” Edwards said. “But they are all really appointed by NASCAR, I guess. If I could have brought three or four of my friends to hear it, I’m sure it would have been different.”

Roush Fenway Racing appealed the penalty, claiming a jack bolt failed and argued the car being too low hurt the car’s performance instead of helping it.

“I guess we all race under these rules and these appeals processes so eventually it all ends up evening out,” Edwards said.

“But in this case it’s still really difficult to understand, to be penalized for something that was a disadvantage. The first person ever penalized for that exact infraction at a downforce track. It’s too bad that that’s the way it’s going to be.”

The ruling leaves Edwards 205 points behind series leader Jeff Gordon with six races left. But Edwards isn’t conceding.

“Oh yeah. We’ve got six races left. A lot of things can happen,” Edwards said. “This is a crazy sport. Some of the guys back there 300 points back can still win the championship. There are a lot of possibilities.”