Letters to the Editor

Valine Sarmas: Bublak’s experience, approach make her a good councilwoman

I write in support of Amy Bublak for Turlock City Council. I know Amy on a personal and business level. From the moment I met her, she was one of the easiest people I have ever spoken to. She is very open-minded and listens to all concerns that are addressed. She speaks with such knowledge and does not jump to frustration when confrontation arises on a subject.

Amy’s past law enforcement career serves her well on the city council, as she has personal experience in many of the issues that come up. This experience gives her a head start on problem solving the community’s concerns and is dedicated to making the city of Turlock a safer place to live.

I am very pleased with Amy Bublak and all of her efforts. I highly recommend her for Turlock City Council.

Valine Sarmas, Modesto