Letters to the Editor

Bruce E. Jones: Trump is the master of double-speak

Recently, when Donald Trump was deep into his verbal wanderings, he volunteered a list of what he wanted to do, including “We want to take care of our people.” What does “take care of” mean? Who are “our people”? And even what kind of commitment is it to “want to”? Trump is the master of the half-comment and the semi-idea, often declaring a position that might have some worth if studied for pros and cons, but then he doubles down on its negatives and turns any dialogue into a rant.

This is a man who can be both vague and vulgar at the same time. He misuses the word “love” constantly, insisting he loves entire races of people, then trashes and demonizes them in his next breath. Trump can’t do a sentence without declaring something “unbelievable” or pleading “believe me.” He consistently declares he is going “to be honest with you.” Strange choices of words for a man who truly cannot be believed as being serious, thoughtful, informed, consistent or competent. He even mislabels some of his strangest comments as being “sarcasm” when it is incompetent satire that is a covert disguise of his hidden, frequently bizarre beliefs.

Bruce E. Jones, Modesto