Letters to the Editor

William Meadows: Remember the councilmembers who voted for rate hikes

Re “Modesto City Council opts to raise water rates” (Front page, Aug. 11): Well, our Modesto City Council went against their constituents and voted to raise our water rates. There has been much public outcry on this matter. They sent a paper in one of our city bills instructing us on how to tell them not to raise our rates. They made it nearly impossible for anyone to navigate through the process to do so. Therefore, they only received a small amount of feedback. Now the people of Modesto need to stand up and make sure the following people do not get re-elected to office: Mani Grewal, in office until 2019; Tony Madrigal, 2017; Kristi Ah You, 2019; Jenny Kenoyer, 2017; Doug Ridenour, 2019.

Bill Zoslocki voted no on this matter. Clip this out of the paper or print it out and keep it on your refrigerator so you remember when election time comes around. Do not re-elect council members who do not have your best interests in mind.

William Meadows, Modesto