Letters to the Editor

Christopher C. Doll: Yes, we should judge Denham on his support for Trump

Re “Judge me by what I’ve done in Congress” (Page 11A, Aug. 9): Jeff Denham’s editorial is a failed attempt at deflection.

Denham decries a litmus test based on Donald Trump’s “choice of words” as opposed to his “record.” However, Trump has never held elective office, so he has no public record to review. Trump’s private-sector record includes perpetual lawsuits, bankruptcies and unpaid bills. And with Trump, his words are surely part of his record – including his disgraceful comments toward Judge Gonzalo Curiel and the Gold Star Khan family.

Denham’s claim that Hillary Clinton should release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees is a red herring. And it doesn’t say much about Trump’s ability to vet a nominee when his list includes Don Willett – who routinely trolls Trump on Twitter!

The Bee did not ask Denham to support Clinton. (I would suggest Libertarian Gary Johnson). Denham was simply asked whether or not he supported Trump. Many prominent Republicans have declared Trump unfit to serve. Denham, however, would entrust a reactionary narcissist with the codes to our nuclear arsenal. It’s delusional for Denham to think he won’t be judged on that.

Christopher C. Doll, Salida