Letters to the Editor

Rita F. Silva: Let legal system determine police guilt, not angry mobs

Two black men were killed by police in one week sparking protests and possibly the murders of eight police officers across the nation. I blame this on the media, politicians and the “Black Lives Matter” group, which is fanning the flames.

Look up Alton Sterling, one of the men killed by the police and portrayed by these groups as just a nice guy trying to make himself better. Since 1996, he was arrested 17 times, four times for battery, two for domestic abuse, two for illegal weapons and two for burglary. How many black males were stopped in that same week and not killed by the police? In that same week, how many blacks were killed by other blacks? Don’t those “Black Lives Matter” to the black community? Or is it just the ones killed by police officers?

When a police officer goes to work each day, he and his family know he might be killed. But he goes anyway. Now, they know that every one of them has a target on their backs, yet they still go out and try to protect us. If these two men were unjustly killed, it is up to our legal system to decide – not a mob.

Rita F. Silva, Los Banos