Letters to the Editor

Robert G. Vestey: Actions of Costco employees, correctional officer helped prevent tragedy

Re “Man shot at Costco was suicidal, his sister says” (Front Page, July 30): Shopping at Costco with my lady friend, I was at the rear of store when a store employee very calmly but urgently asked my friend to move toward the rear of store because of an “incident.” My friend was telling me what happened when several store employees conducted a sweep, personally asking each customer to leave the building immediately.

I walk with a cane, so an employee asked us to follow him and he led us out a side door to the parking lot. We saw several police officers and two ladies holding babies; one lady was crying. Theresa learned the husband of the crying lady had just shot a man.

First, I want to thank the correctional officer for his handling of a man waving a knife at customers; he removed an immediate threat. My heart goes out to his wife who witnessed it. I have the highest praise for the Costco employees who responded quickly and effectively to direct customers to safety. No shouting, no PA system address, just directions to all, preventing panic.

Robert G. Vestey, Modesto