Letters to the Editor

Holly Fielder: Fair’s changes were not for the better

I’m extremely disappointed at this year’s Stanislaus County Fair. I have gone to the fair for 55 years. Never have I been more embarrassed by our fair. I enjoy seeing home arts and floriculture, attending all three periods so I won’t miss any display. This year, walking to home arts, I found a nearly empty building! Asking “what happened?” I was told people didn’t enter due to newly established “entry fee.”

Next, I went to see the flowers. Again, no bonsai or orchids and minimal floral displays. Again, an entry fee. The Western Heritage Engines Antiques Tractors group was far behind the livestock and dumpsters. The fair should be ashamed putting these men and antique engines back where no one sees them. My husband and I visited 1½ hours and no one came. These men have a story to share; they should be given space with trees to help shade them. They need a space of honor. I found engines with a 4H boy and asked him if he had visited the WHEAT guys in back. He didn’t know they existed!

It’s my understanding a new CEO is making changes. My suggestion: Change him!

Holly Fielder, Waterford