Letters to the Editor

Leslie Shaw Klinger: Must we start protecting bumpersticker politics, too?

A friend emailed me that the Stop Planned Parenthood sticker on her car had been removed by someone other than herself. That surprised me. Why? Because I am repeatedly told that the only people who are intolerant are social conservatives.

I am constantly told that diversity in society is something to be celebrated, that when someone objects to another person’s belief system that the person objecting is an intolerant bigot who must be shamed into submission. I am reminded that people who hold to ideals and agendas that are different from mine are to be embraced and protected so that they never feel guilty or ashamed about being different. I am warned against micro-aggression and given the responsibility to uphold an open society so that all people have a voice, are right and are never, ever given the idea that their feelings are not reality.

To that end I have never removed someone’s bumper sticker from their car no matter how offensive or ridiculous or outright wrong I may believe the ideas it expresses may be in light of my feelings. I bet it just fell off.

Leslie Shaw Klinger, Modesto