Letters to the Editor

John Martin: Modesto will charge for the meter and the water

I really thought the new mayor would be a good fit for Modesto. Now Modesto is again out of money. This hurts the mayor’s plan for public services. No worries though, the city of Modesto will help by raising taxes. Look at your water rate. If you do nothing, and this passes, we homeowners will pay the city $30 a month for the use of a meter. I have checked around, and no other utility does that. This is $360 per homeowner per year on top of what they charge for water.

Modesto wants a road tax to pay for street improvements, and not all of the tax collected would go for street repair. The city wants to attract businesses, yet they tax you to death – so why come to Modesto. Modesto needs to do what every good homeowner does, live with what we have. Do your homework and vote this outrageous increase down! Leave Salida alone, too!

John Martin, Salida