Letters to the Editor

Don Mowry: We’ve got a lot of problems in our society; we better get busy fixing them

The current racial issues are focused on how we learn to get along with and respect each other and how to change the “attitudes” of law enforcement personnel as it relates to the black community. Leadership gathers a diverse group of people and they “discuss” what should be done – that is, they talk, talk, talk and then everyone goes back to their own world and life goes on.

I read or hear very little about specific actions to be taken, i.e., legislation or laws that get at the underlying issues, such as jobs, improved education and, just as importantly, the role of the black community. These issues will not be resolved without the active participation of the black community and its recognition of the role it must play in these issues.

This is not a “one-way street” and the continued demonstrations and confrontations will only lead to more conflict. While law enforcement has their issues to deal with, the focus needs to be on the development and implementation of concrete actions. This is a generational issue; I believe it will take a generation to resolve it, so we had better get on it – the sooner the better!

Don Mowry, Ripon