Letters to the Editor

Nicki Stallard: Passing gun laws invites passive (or active) resistance

When we banned magazines holding above 10 rounds in 2000, we grandfathered ownership to 10 million such magazines. Most of these owners are now 40-plus years old. What is “common sense” about going after the people least likely to be involved in any gun-related crime?

Now that the owners of these magazines have to get rid of their property without compensation, what about other property rights? Why not ban classic muscle cars due to climate change? Law and order exists when 90 percent feel the laws are just, fairly applied and serve a public purpose. When laws are enacted to suppress rights, it undermines respect for the law. Oppressive laws eventually lead to a police state; is that what we want?

Passing laws many people will ignore invites passive resistance. When laws becomes oppressive, some will do more than ignore them; they will rebel. The Revolution started when the British tried to seize guns on April 19, 1775; neither side intended to start a war. Gun ownership is not a hobby, it’s viewed by millions as a right.

If you want to know the future, look to the past. Our legislature is following the same path King George followed in 1775.

Nicki Stallard, Pink Pistols, Clovis