Letters to the Editor

Larry Lund: Tired of city leaders penalizing public

In the many years I have lived in Modesto I have seen a farming community with the world’s richest soil destroyed by greedy land developers, and politicians greedy for more tax dollars. Extending city boundaries and then covering the land with asphalt and concrete.

"Water rationing" has been in effect for almost 20 years. The city leaders continue to grab precious farm land to expand the city boundaries. The dollars offered to farmers and ranchers for their land is enormous and the pressure to sell has been obvious. Housing has enclosed farming lands..Now even more demands for restrictions are in effect.

New houses in Modesto and the surrounding communities continue to be built. Yet city officials will tell you there is plenty of water available. Just that everybody needs to use a little less.

Raising rates will not give us any more water and will only hurt those who are having difficulty making ends meet.

I am not an isolationist, I look at this with common sense and reality. No rate increase can change the limited water resource and I am tired of city leaders penalizing the public for their poor judgment.

Larry Lund, Modesto