Letters to the Editor

Scott McRitchie: Riverbank is doing its part to conserve water

Re: “Riverbank helps conserve water” (Letters, June 25): Regarding the letter regarding Riverbank pulling the plug on water conservation, I have a different view. We are still on a conservation routine restricting landscape water use two days a week. On my daily walks, I don’t see watering during the day, broken sprinklers, etc., which was common prior to water restrictions.

There might be something wrong with Riverbank’s water use reporting, which reflects the lousy numbers the city reports. I read my meter daily for four summer months, and just shifting from four days of watering to two saved over 30 percent. Usage studies indicate 75 percent of water use is for landscaping, so the two-day restriction should save the roughly 30 percent the state requires.

The report showing Riverbank use up 40 percent in the winter with the remainder of the county down 36 percent makes no sense when it was raining during those months. Riverbank is replacing all the water meters in the city with smart meters including leak detectors, which should shed light on where the water is being used. There still is plenty of conservation action in our “City of Action”!

Scott McRitchie, Riverbank