Letters to the Editor

Bill Wood: Our airports susceptible to types of attacks used in Turkey, Belgium

The protection for travelers at our airports is putting all of us at mortal risk. After checking large items into the airline, travelers have get in line to go through the TSA security checks. This puts a huge number of travelers in a tightly packed area with carry-on bags waiting to go through security.

Recent disasters in Belgium and Turkey have no effect on how our TSA security does not protect us. How difficult is it for a suicide bomber to get into the middle of that mass of people then detonate a bomb? I believe it will take such a disaster to cause the government to stop searching for the previous method Islamic terrorists used to kill travelers and start searching for the new method being used.

In my recent travels I stood in security lines for hours. But at Reagan National Airport, where our elected officials and their staff get on planes, there were no lines. Pre-cleared and regular travelers passed through in minutes. I was even invited to change lanes and went through a metal detector rather than the X-ray machine. TSA took pity on a senior citizen wearing his Vietnam Veterans hat.

Bill Wood, Oakdale