Letters to the Editor

Sharon Wolinski: City helping us be aware of ducks along the road

Has anyone noticed the duck crossing signs on Snyder Avenue? There are several signs alerting drivers to ducks crossing the roadway. The signs are on both sides of the street from Carver to past Prescott roads. Thanks the city traffic department for installing these signs.

Watch out for our fine feathered friends as many a mother duck has a gaggle of ducklings behind her trying to cross that street. The ducklings are too small to fly.

Several people feed the ducks. I found an article on birdsflight.com regarding the diet of ducks. Mallards feed on small fish, snails, mollusks, grass, beetles, dragonflies, crustaceans, bugs, worms, grain, fruit and much more. These birds also eat a few pebbles to facilitate their digestion. While keeping this bird as a pet you don’t need to worry about what mallards eat if you’ve learned about the mallards diet. However, some people think bread is good for mallards; this is wrong. Bread is nuisance such ducks because it lacks any nutritional value. Instead, chopped vegetables and cracked corn are among the best food for mallards.

Just because mallards like a food doesn’t mean it’s good for them.

Sharon Wolinski, Modesto