Letters to the Editor

Steve Crifasi: DA Fladager should be recalled over sentencing in Abbey case

Re “Group calls for resignation of judge, top prosecutor” (Front page, June 29): I am behind these protestors 100 percent. District Attorney Birgit Fladager, and only Fladager, should be held responsible. She needs to be recalled and voted out of office. When I read the original article in The Bee, I couldn’t believe how light Kari Abbey’s sentence was. A 3-year-old receives a higher degree of punishment when put into a time out, or hears “wait until your father gets home.”

After thinking about her deal for a few days, I was surprised the county and our sheriff didn’t offer to give her job back to her (with back pay) as part of her “community service.”

Steve Crifasi, Modesto

Editor’s note: The original murder charges against former Sheriff’s Deputy Kari Abbey were dismissed by Judge Ricardo Cordova in 2011; in a plea deal, Abbey was sentenced for unlawfully entering a home and possession of steroids.