Letters to the Editor

Kim Galbraith: First, provide lodging for the homeless

How hard is it to figure out a homeless resolution? What about providing a gated lot with small, one-room structures which are safe, warm and weatherproof? The high schools build them all the time. On the grounds put up porta-potties, water stations, grills and trash cans. Set rules limiting stays, visitors, etc. Hire some unemployed homeless persons to police and enforce rules. Treat them like tenants who must obey regulations. Pets allowed, but leashed at all times.

Volunteers can help, charities can help, organizations, businesses and outreach groups can all help. Maybe allow them to earn vouchers for staples like laundry, bus fare, food, etc. Must they earn a place in this village? Possibly? These are just my ideas. With some help, this may work until other solutions are found.

Kim Galbraith, Modesto