Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Friday, Aug. 23, 2019: Climate change, the VA, Medicare and education

The truth about climate change

Those who say we are causing global warming ignore the fact that 95% of green house gases are water vapor. The remaining 5% is less than half carbon dioxide. Of the CO2 in the atmosphere, a small amount is caused by fossil fuel-burning engines. Most is created by rotting leaves, volcanoes, animals and humans exhaling and forest fires. CO2 is not a pollutant — it is a natural and necessary component of our atmosphere. Plants consume tons of CO2. Seems like CO2 is the result of warming, not the cause.

The real problem implementing restrictions is serious harm to the economy. Shutting down the energy industry alone will put millions out of work. The modest success of electric automobiles is misleading; the real cost is hidden as the government gives large rebates and tax advantages to that industry and its customers. Maybe that money should have gone into low-income housing projects that might help clean up homeless problems in our big cities. The economy is vital to the well-being of our society, not just well-to-do people. The problems these restrictions will cause are endless and bad for all of us.

Donald Ulrich, Denair

Harder helped unravel VA snag

I would like to thank Congressman Harder and his staff for helping me with a problem with the VA that saved me over $2,500. I tried to do this with his predecessor but they would not even return my call. This congressman and his staff in Modesto can help you with problems you have with governmental agencies. From a 100% disabled vet from the Vietnam War, thank you Congressman Harder.

Mike Andersen, Turlock

Medicare for All would be a disaster

Rep. Josh Harder’s recent statement about health care in an area newspaper was one of the most ignorant and false statements I’ve seen: “The best part of our health care system, the least broken in a very broken system, is Medicare.”

America’s health care system is one of the best in the world. Harder’s socialist Medicare for All proposal calls for the elimination of all private health insurance, dumping 175 million people into government-run health care, and taking a wrecking ball to health care.

According to Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute, less than one in five American men with prostate cancer will die from it, but 57 percent of British men and nearly half of French and German men will. Half of the major new medicines introduced in the last 20 years were developed by U.S. companies. Americans played a key role in 80 percent of the most important medical advances of the last 30 years.

My advice to Harder: quit trying to stick us into government-run health care.

Dave Kerst, Tracy

Look for school initiative on 2020 ballot

Are you ready for a win-win for our public schools? Federal funds are available to begin putting elementary to high school students on a path to college. On top of that, California voters will have the opportunity to add $11 billion dollars a year to public education and local communities via a 2020 ballot initiative.

As a former educator, I know the importance of putting schools and communities first. Everyone should support putting more funds toward education for our students in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties.

According to a recent article in The Modesto Bee, 84% of the population in Stanislaus County has no college degree. We can change this by investing federal funds made available to us. By passing the Schools and Communities First Initiative, we can close corporate tax loopholes and school districts can use both federal and state funding to lead students to colleges, universities and living-wage jobs with local businesses.

Our congressman, Josh Harder, is on the House Education and Labor Committee. Let’s encourage him to keep up the fight for these federal funds, and let’s all vote next fall for the School and Communities First Initiative to improve California education.

Sandra Romero, Waterford