Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Friday, Aug. 9, 2019: Across-the-board reactions to mass shootings

Gun control will stop attacks

From local threats such as an attack on the sacred space and the priest of the Sikh gurdwarda in Hughson and the threat of a hate group coming to Graceada Park, to the recent slaughter of innocents in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton, Americans are experiencing hate crimes on an alarming scale.

Some blame it on video games, but the Japanese are avid players and have little violence. If it’s a mental health issue, why are most of the perpetrators white males? Don’t women have mental health issues?

The real issue is the growth of white supremacist hate groups and easy access to weapons the Founders could never have imagined—the power to murder dozens in mere seconds. Congress must listen now to the will of the American people rather than grovel for the filthy lucre of the NRA. We need universal background checks with a waiting period, the banning of assault weapons, red flag laws, an end to hate speech at the highest level, and more resources to combat domestic terrorists who want to foment a race war.

Call your representatives and send postcards to Mitch McConnell demanding action rather than platitudes such as thoughts and prayers.

Patricia Ann Egenberger, Modesto

Violent video games are to blame

Very few seem to wonder why these acts of violence are taking place. Maybe we really need behavior control, not gun control. The president is right about violent video games and entertainment being part of the problem. Fortnite is a shooting game where one of the objectives is to get as many kills as possible.

In the 1950s, bad guys on TV and in the movies got shot, but no blood and minimal violence. Growing up, there were no mass shootings.

One of my fourth-grade students bragged about getting 20 kills on Fortnite last year. Extreme violence in the movies is commonplace these days. Unbalanced people model what they see. We have an extreme violence problem fueled by violent video games and entertainment. A gun ban will only result in suicide bombers and vehicle attacks.

Edward Keene, Modesto

Pressure on politicians needed

Why are we surprised when military weapons are sold to civilians? These guns are built for the single purpose of killing multiple people.

Why are we surprised when our legislators do not have the courage to stand up to the gun industry? Why are we surprised when families are left in anguish and grief because we have not pushed our lawmakers to do what is right?

We are all guilty of these murders because we do nothing to stop them.

Pat Royer, Modesto

Shine light on political records

All California politicians’ grades from the NRA should be posted in the newspaper so we can all further assess what our decisions should be in the ballot box, regardless of party. Also, all stores in California selling weapons of war should be listed in the newspaper so we can decide which stores we want to reward with our business. We also need to make our views known to our politicians.

Karen Dunbar Bucio, Ceres

We’ll miss you, Marie Callender’s

Re “Many stunned as Marie Callender’s restaurant suddenly closes” (Page 3A, Aug.6): My husband and I, among many others, are sorry to see Marie Callender’s close. We had always been treated cordially and with the utmost in professionalism. This is a big thank you to our great servers: Dion, Robin, Teresa, Nate, Christian, June, Jennifer and others whose names I cannot recall. Thanks for sharing your lives, sorrows, humor, smiles and graciousness with us. God bless you all.

Marietta and Owen Kummerle, Modesto