Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Friday, Aug. 2, 2019: Cleaning up, foreign aid, China, socialism

Turning around an eyesore

The parking area around the 99 Cents Only store on McHenry Avenue was becoming more and more unsightly with trash and overgrown weeds, and homeless individuals were sleeping under the low-hanging branches of shaggy trees and bushes. In May I decided, “NIMBY” and began picking up trash and pestering the store manager and corporate office to clean things up.

Over a period of several months, we have gotten a handle on the situation and the area is looking much better. It took a concerted effort between the city, which stepped up to assess fines for code violations, and continual communication to make sure it didn’t slide backward. The store manager, Jason, repainted the sides of the building and hired a landscaper to cut back weeds. I want to acknowledge Modesto Police Department’s Crime Prevention Officer, Rosie Garcia, and Scotty Douglass of the city manager’s office for their efforts.

I also recommend the city’s GoModesto phone app, which is a great tool for alerting city staff to abandoned shopping carts and other code violations. It works!

Denise Nordell, Modesto

Foreign aid fuels corruption

The money that is sent to places like San Juan, Puerto Rico to help the country and their citizens, I believe we should send people along with that money, to see that it’s distributed to the right people and for the right cause. The billions of dollars we send always ends up in the hands of corrupted government leaders, and the people suffer.

Bob LaNinfa, Modesto

Don’t forget about China

To the members of the Senate and House who seem to think that Russian interference in our elections is all right because it benefits them and who think securing our elections is not such a big deal: What if China, with whom we have an ongoing trade war, decides to get into the interference game? According to Special Counsel Mueller, they are capable. I kind of figure they are tired of this trade war and want it to end. Which side do you think they will support?

You might want to rethink your so-called patriotic position.

Gary W. Kinard, Gustine

True patriots reject socialism

Are you an American Patriot? Do you love your country because of what it stands for? Graveyards everywhere are filled with men and women who sacrificed their lives for 243 years of freedom. The whole world realizes the stars and stripes are a beacon of hope and a symbol of freedom and prosperity.

But there is a very important battle on the horizon. Patriots’ personal freedoms are at great risk. America’s Constitution and laws are under siege. Freedom of speech by conservatives is thwarted. Abortion and even infanticide are looked on as only a woman’s right to choose. The Electoral College and the Supreme Court are challenged by progressive socialists. Socialism is rearing its ugly head when all kinds of free things are offered in exchange for your 2020 election vote.

Socialism has never worked — in Hitler’s Germany, Communist Russia, Cuba or Venezuela. Socialism depends on someone else’s money, and it totally destroys the work ethic. Socialism also means complete government control of our lives, from cradle to grave.

Insanity is repeating Hitler’s, Stalin’s, Castro’s and Maduro’s socialist history and hoping for a different result.

Robert Van Groningen, Manteca