Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Wednesday, July 31, 2019: Straight pride, American values, illegal immigrants

Straight pride event is bigotry

Straight people aren’t killed for being straight. They aren’t kicked out of their families for being straight. They aren’t denied jobs or fired for being straight. They don’t take their own lives because they are bullied in school. All of these things happen to LGBTQ people.

The straight pride event being organized in Modesto will be nothing but a hate-filled rant against people who white conservatives feel don’t belong in our society. Sadly, most of the people who will attend this event call themselves Christians. But to use a term that has become popular, they are fake Christians.

We all know someone who is gay. Do you hate them? If so, why? Do they offend your sense of decency? If so, you offend my sense of decency, a sense that we all belong in this world and we should all care about each other. I keep remembering one young man, Matthew Shepard, a college student beaten, tied to a fence and left to die. Because he was gay.

I will be attending the counter-protest, proudly waving my rainbow flag. I hope you will be there, too.

Gaetana Drake, Modesto

It’s just a hate thing

I am a heterosexual white female Modesto resident and I sent a letter to the city manager in protest of this (straight pride event) permit. I don’t see this as an LGBT issue. I see this event as a hate gathering, and so it is my responsibility as an American patriot to take a stand.

Tammy Moran, Modesto

Organizers wrong about American values

The American Solidarity Party believes a healthy society provides the construct for persons to obtain their highest good. The ASP believes that by using common sense, society can reach common ground and implement policy that achieves the common good. This, we believe, is a succinct description of our American values.

The Straight Pride event does not support American values. It is not a celebration of life as much as an attempt to promote one type of people above another.

The American Solidarity Party acknowledges the First Amendment as necessary to protect the right of free speech, no matter how distasteful or ugly the message. We, however, stand with our brothers and sisters in Modesto and proclaim that the ASP does not support the message touted by the organizers of this event. Quite simply, they are wrong.

If you as a citizen are tired of the type of ugly rhetoric currently being used by both extreme sides of the political aisle, please consider the American Solidarity Party as a possible political home. You may discover that we promote the type of values that all Americans can appreciate and support.

Leslie Shaw Klinger, Modesto

No warm welcome for illegals

Re “Dems’ ads call GOP hopeful ‘too extreme’ on immigration” (Front Page, July 17): It is very unfortunate that Rep. Josh Harder’s campaign committee has chosen to use derogatory shaming manipulation techniques, by labeling Ted Howze as anti-immigration, which implies that Howze is a racist and is against all immigration.

Are Dreamers justified in using any means to obtain their personal goals, even if it means circumventing the law?

Immigration laws were established for the purpose to protect the safety, health and welfare of citizens. Statistics are facts; statistics are unbiased.

Illegal immigration has become a very controversial issue. There is seldom any news about the millions of legal residents who elect to adhere to immigration laws. However, it appears that the welcome basket stuffed with goodies is not awarded to them, but instead to those who willfully choose to bypass established laws.

Greg Silva, Keyes