Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Monday, July 29, 2019: Garages, home pricing and solar energy

Garages are for cars, not junk

Re “Modesto man blames city for wrecks near his house” (Front Page, July 22):

My husband has always insisted that our cars have garage space to keep our cars cooler in the summer and sheltered from winter rains, and that carrying purchases into the house would be easier through the garage and directly into the kitchen. We also knew that our garage would protect the cars from vandalism and the possibility of theft.

It pains me to read in the Bee that cars parked in the streets are damaged or destroyed by passing vehicles. Most homes in Modesto have garages and driveways for vehicles, so they should not need to be parked on the street.

I’d like to suggest that Modestans clean out their garages — we all have more stuff than we need — and move their vehicles off the streets and into their garages, or at least onto their driveways. You might even sleep better at night.

Marilyn Rowland, Modesto

This is why people leave CA

Re “Apartment hunters face tight market, rising costs” (Front Page, July 18): The article missed a salient point: Attitude. The community is overwhelmingly against the development of its precious farmland beyond city limits. Yes, there is vacant land within the city, but it is controlled by people who want exorbitant dollars for it.

There is a great deal of fallowed land on the outskirts. Florsheim builders have done one tract on Oakdale Road and are doing the one near Vintage Faire Mall. Having owned these parcels for years, they did not pay today’s dollars. Starting at just under $400,000 for 1,500 square feet, they are not starter homes or retirement homes. There are no developments for seniors anywhere in the area. We would like to downsize, but we are not going to pay more for 700 square feet less.

Unless attitudes of people and government change, we will see the same old same old. There are some simple solutions, but old thinking prevails. The alternative is to move out of state.

Robert Shannon, Modesto

Solar, wind power aren’t enough

We are constantly being told that we need to convert to solar and wind power by 2045. In 2018, we decided to purchase a solar system for our home. I adore my solar system. When the sun is shining, solar works great, but cloudy days, foggy days, thick smoky days the solar system works at half energy and at nighttime solar panels don’t work. At night we cook dinner, wash clothes, dry clothes, watch TV, charge our phone, our tablets, work on our computer, maybe we have an electric car to charge, and when it is hot we run our air conditioner most of the night. We use a lot of electricity at night when none is being generated by our solar panels.

Currently 4% of our electric needs are provided by solar and wind and 49% by gas and coal plants. We can certainly increase our solar output but it is not and cannot be the only source of our electricity. Wind power has many problems and is bad for the bird population. Battery backup systems are expensive and limited. We will continue to need gas and coal to avoid blackout and power failures. That is reality.

Nancy Hamer, Oakdale

Poor roadwork on Floyd

I am certainly no expert on roadway construction. My question: Did we get our money’s worth on the renovation of Floyd Avenue?

My wife spoke with a representative of the company that was hired by the city to do the work. Our question was why there was not a slurry seal placed over the roadway. The response was that it would hold up better over time and withstand water damage better. Those of us who travel Floyd daily are witnesses to a job that seems incomplete, as there are many ruts remaining.

As a cyclist, this concerns me greatly. As a taxpayer, I am disturbed. I would like to see The Bee do an investigative report as to how this decision was made. Are we not paying more at the gas pump for better roadways? You could have fooled me.

Paul Lucchesi, Modesto