Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Sunday, July 21, 2019: Carson trial, Stanislaus County fair, doctor training

Another take on the Carson trial

When I was a child, I remember hearing the phrase “good fences make good neighbors.” I have lived my entire life with neighbors living close by. When repairs were needed on my fence, I would meet with my neighbors, assess the work to be done and either received quotes and split the cost, or repaired it myself.

So fast forward to 2012: Frank Carson has a hole in his fence. Kory Kauffman uses the hole to steal stuff from Carson. Think about the results:

1) The cost of the trial, the longest and most expensive in Stanislaus County history.

2) The incarceration of several people for well over 18 months at taxpayers’ expense.

3) The destruction of several careers, including three CHP officers who may not be returning to work.

4) The pending litigation of several lawsuits that will ultimately cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.

5) Birgit Fladager’s reputation is in tatters.

6) Kory Kauffman is killed.

Why didn’t he just fix the fence?

Marcie Solomon, Turlock

Fair ride is a good deal...

Don’t miss the great opportunity to get a free ride with no parking fees when you go to the Stanislaus County Fair. My wife and I went Sunday and we were greeted at the Turlock Transit Center with a bottle of cold water and a ride to the fair in an air-conditioned bus that dropped us off at the front gate. On our return, there was the same bus waiting for us to take us to our car at the transit center. We saved the parking fee and had a pleasant ride to the fair and back. You can’t beat that deal!

Larry Koch, Turlock

... But nix the wild animals

The Stanislaus County Fair is expected to be an enjoyable event that celebrates our agricultural heritage, offers plenty of good food, and great entertainment. I am dismayed and appalled that there is an exhibition of caged wild animals, including a grown tiger. Not only do these animals have nothing to do with our county, it is heartless to display them in tiny, barren cages. There was nothing to be learned from seeing the animals in this type of situation, and it certainly had nothing to do with conservation, as claimed by Walk In The Wild company. Their questionable treatment of exotic animals by keeping them in small cages is cruel and inhumane.

These days, people are more attuned to proper care of captive wild animals, especially endangered species like tigers, and rejecting their use in circuses and tawdry displays like the one at the fair. The bottom line is that tigers and other wild animals have no place at the Stanislaus County Fair and the fair board should be ashamed for booking this exhibit. I hope the fair board gets with the times and does not invite this irresponsible attraction again next year.

Liz Trauring, Modesto

Living proof that residency works

Re “Stanislaus physician training program faces funding loss” (Front Page, July 8): Thank you so much for highlighting such an important issue that could impact thousands of people in Stanislaus County. Currently there is only one primary care provider per 1,560 patients in Stanislaus County. The Valley Family Medicine Residency program plays a vital role providing care to vulnerable patients and its graduates often go on to serve as primary care physicians in this community. In fact, I am one of them.

We simply must support the proposed bills to re-authorize and increase the funding of Teaching Health Centers. Not doing so will have lasting and devastating consequences for families in Modesto.

Dr. RaeLeigh Payanes, Modesto

County clinics are top notch

The Board of Supervisors voted to pursue a health system for less fortunate citizens by implementing a collaborative model — shrinking county clinics but utilizing other entities to operate those affected clinics. Supervisor Jim DeMartini made a comment that he assumed the other entities would be better.

In my years working with medical groups, I’ve had the opportunity to work with both large and small groups from Lodi to Merced. There is no better group of doctors in this valley than those who provide care in county clinics, as measured by education, training, experience, commitment to and care for patients. These doctors also teach new physicians, with graduates now working for the entities DeMartini treasures.

Health Services Agency managers, nurses, medical assistants and clerks have worked tirelessly for years to provide care to these same less-fortunate citizens. The agency tracks true quality and true access and has consistently shown high marks compared to other peer systems.

So, it is possible that the new system can be as good as the current system. But it will not be better.

George Kilian, La Grange

Enough with the chauvinism

Garth Stapley’s comments on Kristin Olsen will definitely generate letters to the editor. “Thumbs up on Kristin Olsen for putting the needs of her children ahead of her own political aspirations.” Why, that was genius. If that doesn’t motivate every woman in the subscription area to respond, he might try the “every woman pregnant and barefoot” line. I was pretty sure I woke up this morning in 2019 but I had to check the date on the paper just to make sure.

Pamela S. Wright, Oakdale

North Korea policy is dangerous

Recently, President Donald Trump bravely dipped his toe in North Korea. The two leaders Trump and Kim Jung Un met and had decided to start up nuclear talks between the two countries. North Korea then applied pressure on the United States to cancel a planned joint military drill with South Korea. So now it seems Kim has been emboldened, and why shouldn’t he be? He has not had to give up anything. For decades, North Korea has campaigned to stop joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States, calling them rehearsals for invasion.

It seems Kim believes he has the upper hand. Will Trump cower and stop the planned military exercise? Trump diplomacy is a joke, like his negotiation skills. Yes, it’s a difficult situation, but Trump and his team have put us here. The United States has already given so much; how much more can we concede to this brutal dictator? If Trump concedes, we will look weak. It’s not a good situation.

So much winning!

Lupe Villarreal, Denair

Thanks for help in accident

It is with a grateful heart that I extend my prayers of thanksgiving for wonderful people in Modesto. Many people stopped to help me as soon as I was hit while riding my bicycle across Standiford Avenue on July 8. Thank you to the people who called 911, the man who held my hand as I laid in the road, the people who stopped traffic, the man who followed the car to get a description of the driver, the car and the license number, and others. That morning I was blessed by many people. Each of you will be in my prayers.

Kathleen Heinzinger, Modesto