Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Monday, July 22, 2019: Newspapers, Sarah Sanders, over-population

Newspapers don’t reflect America

Re “What will we do when there are no newspapers?” (Page 1B, July 14): How ironic that you published this piece by Leonard Pitts on the same day that you publish a cartoon making the claim that the Trump party, separately and apart from the Democrat or Republican Party, is the party of Jeff Epstein.

When newspapers made the decision to become the public relations department of the Democrats, most Republicans and many independents lost faith in their ability to be unbiased. Blaming social media and other news sources for the demise of local newspapers is ludicrous.

In recent months, The Bee has at least given a small voice to more conservative views by way of letters to the editor and the occasional opinion piece by a few conservative columnists. But overall, journalism today is not in step with the majority of American citizens. With every increase in bias, readership decreases which results in lowered ad revenue and increased subscription price. The end result is the self-inflicted demise of newspapers.

Betty Wieland, Modesto

Not-so-fond farewell to Sanders

Our nation can finally say goodbye to Trump’s minister of propaganda, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. Since Sarah is leaving after not fulfilling her job description — meeting with the press and answering questions truthfully — taxpayers should not have to pay one dollar of her salary.

On the other hand, Sanders did earn threefold her 20 pieces of silver fulfilling her role as the princess of propaganda, disciple of deceit, and lord of the lies. She did a wonderful job betraying the role of press secretary and sticking it to the American public.

Sarah will not be missed by Americans but will be sorely missed by the Trump camp.

Brooks Judd, Turlock

Banning straws is ineffective

So you want to help the earth? Global warming? World hunger? Corruption? Climate change? Pollution?

Pray for guidance, pray for rain, pray for this and that but above all pray for a worldwide pandemic. Let’s get to the root cause of all these problems: too many people.

Banning plastic straws in California is a joke. Banning plastic straws in the United States is still a joke. California has a population of 40 million. The United States, 330 million. China, 1.38 billion. India, 1.34 billion. Pakistan and Bangladesh (the countries on either side of India), 371 million. Do you think those countries care about recycling plastic products? Hardly. Go on YouTube and take a look at the skies around Shanghai, China and Mumbai, India. Although that airborne poison is generated in those cities, the effects are worldwide.

And to all those who vote and govern “green,” ask yourselves how many batteries from your handheld devices and electric cars will end up in landfills across this country. Don’t be tricked into believing all these batteries will be recycled. Look at the statistics. Only 14% of plastic in the United States gets recycled. The rest gets thrown out with the trash.

Rick Kimble, Riverbank

Dem candidates reach out to all

Re “Democratic candidates run a race of inauthenticity” (Page 6B, July 11): For anyone, even a right-wing apologist like (Victor Davis) Hanson, to compare the veracity of any of the Democratic candidates to the Niagara of lies that Donald Trump spews smacks of a hooker lecturing on virginity.

It’s really apples and blood oranges to equate the phony everyman persona that Trump effects with the Demo candidates’ attempts to relate to a diverse audience. Wealthy, well-connected and educated Democrats like FDR and JFK did pretty well by the people in this country.

You got it wrong, Hanson; unlike so many Republicans, they do not want an America exclusively “upper middle-class, white, male, heterosexual, Christian and old.”

Jack Heinsius, Modesto