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Letters to the editor | Wednesday, July 17, 2019: Immigrant cages, Trump, “go back” and preachers

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Bad conditions in detention centers

Someone should have told President No. 45 that if you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. Trump and Jeffrey Epstein were good friends. Epstein has again been charged with sex trafficking. He molested children the first time in Florida and our (former) Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, then-U.S. attorney, signed a non-prosecuting agreement allowing rich Epstein to skip federal prison and get little time in jail, and he was able to manage his business at the same time. The victims were not notified of the deal.

Sex trafficking involving children is especially horrendous, but Trump is trying his best to rival that horror. He is cramming people into cages too small. The Nazis did similarly, using train box cars to load people like cattle. The cages lack the basics but Trump says it’s good enough for “them.” Sickness thrives in these conditions. He says that Congress members, lawyers, doctors and journalists are lying about conditions, yet he blames Democrats for everything. One additional horror could be in Mexico; if conditions are bad in rich U.S. camps, think what the camps in poorer Mexico are like for waiting immigrants.

Diane M. Kroeze, Modesto

Wake up and smell the economy

To the leftists out there: Please be intellectually honest. Whether he’s right or wrong, good for the country or bad, you hate this president and want him removed from office. Your queen went down in flames in 2016 and it hurt you.

I know how you feel. I was unhappy when Barack Obama won twice. It wasted eight years of time when real problems could’ve been solved. But he won and we gave him his earned chance.

I read about polls that say many people don’t think this president acts presidential. That suggests that many of you vote with all the conviction of an “American Idol” voter. This country is doing well if you don’t mind working. But if your mind is obsessed with getting rid of this president, you’re wasting your life.

Richard Oliver, Modesto

Shame on president’s rant

All Americans should pause and consider what it means when a sitting president tells elected officials to “go back and help fix the crime-infested places from which they came.” In a country made great by contributions of immigrants, and from a man with a foreign-born wife, this statement is shameful. If your family came to this country from someplace else in hopes of creating the kind of life you enjoy now, this is beyond the politics of red and blue. It’s an assault on our shared American history and values.

Dana Bailey, Patterson

Some preachers have it all wrong

This goes out to all the pulpit-pounding preachers in our local megachurches who prance across raised stages bemoaning the state of moral decay spreading across our great country. I call you the great pretenders.

Let’s take a look at one of your pet peeves, homosexuality, and whether it is a choice — easily debunked. By declaring it to be a choice, you inadvertently undermine the permanence of your own sexuality. By your logic, all human sexuality becomes arbitrary. Oh well.

After a cursory examination of the animal kingdom, we find no species in which homosexual behavior has not been found.

The truth is, the sun, moon and stars were not hung just for us. Nice thought though. We are mammals with the power of extraordinary imagination. Preachers know all these realities are in direct contradiction to their proclamations but their very survival depends on ignoring them. This is the most immoral choice of all.

Wayne Rutledge Howard, Ceres