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Letters to the editor | Monday, June 15, 2019: DA Fladager, Prop. 13 and licking ice cream

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Carson case was malicious

I was a witness to a malicious and unjustified prosecution in the Frank Carson et al murder trial. It was not the first such trial that I have witnessed in Stanislaus County; the Sabatino trial, the Frank Drummond trial, and the A.J. Pontillo trial were all malicious and unjustified. All of these cases were defended successfully by Carson.

There is something sick in our district attorney’s office. Our criminal justice system has been weaponized to punish innocent people who have angered those who have power. I hope that our Board of Supervisors will have the courage to step up to the plate and make sure this never happens again. Birgit Fladager and some of her staff must somehow be removed. The costs associated with their actions will be staggering.

William Thomas Jensen, Modesto

Food tampering is illegal

Seeing all these people copying the girl in Texas by opening food and licking it or taking a bite is not only disgusting but illegal. I hear people saying they need community service. I say no, they need a minimum of a year in jail. What happens if someone has AIDS or any other disease? It’s tampering, period. Maybe when news about someone going to jail for a year goes viral, then people will quit being stupid.

Farrin Cummins Jr., Modesto

Let’s reform Prop. 13

My daughter has a learning disability and requires more assistance than what she receives at school. If she did have the assistance, she would be able to advance. If there were more resources going to our schools, we could better prepare teachers to assist children like my daughter, as well as other students. As a parent, it’s frustrating. I wish I could help her more, but what they teach her now is different than what they taught me. She gets frustrated with not knowing how to do her homework. She is in seventh grade, but she’s at a sixth grade level.

It’s unjust that corporations don’t pay their fair share, and the government takes so much from working people. We don’t get paid what we work for. They take federal and state taxes, and it’s hard when you have bills and five children. If working people have to pay so much, why don’t corporations do the same? We need to reform Prop. 13 so that we can get the necessary resources back in our communities. We have the opportunity to do so in November 2020 by voting for the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act.

Marcela Romero, Modesto

Turlock’s Talloni had integrity

Shame on the Turlock City Council and new City Manager Lawton for not caring enough for the safety of residents. You lost not only a true caring individual, but one who stands by his decision to try his best at taking care of the good citizens of Turlock.

Robert Talloni was recently released from his position as fire chief because he would not buckle under pressure to jeopardize the safety of Turlock citizens. The City Council was looking for someone to blame and found him in Chief Talloni, but in doing so lost a man of integrity and knowledge, an individual who believed in the betterment of Turlock fire protection. He also had a plan that should have been given a try that would have benefited all except the bean counters.

It was the prior City Council’s decisions that started the budget problem, not Talloni. He was put in a no-win position and his decision was respected by his rank and file. Your decision was made behind closed doors, without input from the community. We have lost a valued servant.

Leroy and Dolores Catania, Ceres