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Letters to the editor | Wednesday, July 10, 2019: Fourth of July fireworks, anxious pets and lovely flags

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It’s time to outlaw fireworks

When will the powers that be pass new laws and regulations making fireworks illegal? I was told that the beleaguered police have to catch someone lighting them to cite them. What about the audience that supports them? How about anyone observing an illegal show gets a $500 ticket, and any parent with children present gets cited with child endangerment?

Legal fireworks can still start fires and endanger our neighborhoods. We are in a drought area more years than not. We have to change in order to protect our city.

Susan Diamond, Modesto

It was like a war zone

I live near the college area of Modesto. We have never had so much illegal firework activity as this year. It started days before, but from 8:30 to 10 p.m. July 4 it felt like we were living in a war zone.

I don’t mind legal fireworks — it’s fun to watch kids enjoying them. But the repetitive booming of the illegal fireworks is stressful, scary and absolutely frightening to thousands of animals that live in our neighborhoods.

Last year there was a police helicopter that repeatedly visited our area and kept the noise down. This year — nothing.

The city needs to do a better job of policing the illegal fireworks, or create areas where people can go and safely use their illegal fireworks, to protect neighbors and neighborhoods.

Lynn Telford-Sahl, Modesto

Have pity on poor pets

I know how much children like their Mom and Dad to set up fireworks on July 4. I dislike putting a damper on that parade, however. I have two dogs who hate this weekend. It is not just one day — it is three days prior and all day on the Fourth and a few days after. Some people also use guns just for the fun of it. I am not sure why those of us who have dogs who are scared need to kennel them, shut all our windows and doors, or medicate them just for some hours of noise and the smell that accompanies these sticks of loudness. The animal shelters have twice the number of pets admitted during this time.

I surely wish that people who want to use fireworks would take them out of the city, away from neighbors who have pets, to have fun. Or, go to an outdoor fireworks display. There are many of those and you don’t need to clean up. Not only pets are affected, but some fires are caused when fireworks are used improperly. Please think of those who are scared.

Nancy Howard, Modesto

Shoemake flags looking sharp

I would like to thank all my neighbors who put up flags for the Fourth on poles up and down Shoemake Road. What a nice sight as a person drives both in and out of town. Hope they continue to do it every year, and maybe more will join in. Please keep it up.

Mary Lyons, Modesto