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Letters to the editor | Monday, July 8, 2019: Health care for all, especially immigrants, is a very bad idea

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Socialist health care will ruin us

A certain political party is demanding that we provide free health care for everyone, including illegal immigrants, plus free college education, elimination of fossil fuels, forgiving of all college loan debt, elimination of the Electoral College, etc. This is in addition to free telephones, free diapers, free or subsidized rent, free food, subsidized or free transportation and so on.

Does this mean that we are to convince everyone in the medical field to work without pay; force people who develop and produce essential medicines to work without pay; that farmers are to grow crops and produce milk without being compensated for owning land and working 80 hours per week for no pay? Such a system sounds a great deal like utopia – but one that will lead to dystopia.

All of these programs have been tried again and again, in Cuba, Venezuela, the Soviet Union and many other countries. And each time their socialist programs have enslaved their citizens and bankrupted their countries. Remember: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Do we need to force this on our citizens, and destroy what may be the finest country in the history of mankind?

Marvin Dole, Modesto

Helping illegals, ignoring our own

We should all be proud of the California Legislature expanding Medical to illegal residents under age 26. We are offering better health coverage than they can find in their home country. The surplus that we paid into will be used to entice others to illegally pass through our borders. We are going to bypass legal residents to help illegals. Better yet, offer coverage to all illegals in our state!

Phillip Marquart, Modesto

We get what we vote for

The people who run our state, Democrats, are going to tax people who cannot afford to purchase health insurance so they can use the money to give free health insurance to people who are here illegally. Did I get it straight?

California’s budget is going to be $215 billion and we are going to have a $21.5 billion surplus. So one out of every $10 collected in taxes is unnecessary to run the government? Did I do my math right? I am sure no special interest groups will squawk and ask for any of that $21.5 billion over-collection. Who am I kidding? It will look like momma bird coming to the nest with a big fat worm and six chicks all squawking with their mouths wide open.

It’s all your fault. Y’all vote them in by 3-to-2 margins. Y’all vote them supermajorities in the Senate and Assembly. Y’all give them a 12-person sweep for statewide offices and two U.S. senatorships. Maybe y’all ought to start re-examining what you’re voting for. The byproduct is driving the middle- and upper-middle-class voter-worker out of the state. If this trend continues, we will have several million really rich people and a permanent underclass and slum everywhere else.

Art Rossetti, Manteca

Health care for all? Lunacy

Almost all of the lunatic-left Democratic candidates for president support some form of Medicare for all. Would you like to see some actual factual data rather than political rhetoric?

There are currently about 45 million people on Medicare, approximately one-seventh of the total U.S. population. The federal government currently spends about $700 billion per year on Medicare. Let me help you with the math; Medicare for all would cost about $4.9 trillion per year — $500 billion more than the entire 2019 federal budget. No money for your Social Security, or for education, or for national defense, or for paying the interest on the national debt, or for any other programs the federal government supports.

Those people are not just loony, they are certifiably insane. Don’t let them trick you!

Douglas N. Brower, Ballico

What about those already on Medicare?

Medicare for all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? As a senior on Social Security, I currently pay a great deal in Medicare premiums, plus my supplemental insurance. So if this becomes a reality, does that mean I will no longer have to pay those premiums? And will I also receive reparations for the premiums I’ve paid to date?

Kathy Connley, Modesto