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Letters to the editor | Sunday, July 7, 2019: Trees, dogs, police, Carson case and homeless

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Tree mistakes costly to Modesto City Hall

Re “Trees become costly liability for strapped forestry division” (Front Page, July 1): I almost started to laugh, reading the story. Not enough money?

They planted at least 10 trees in my neighborhood in dead lawns or side streets where no one lives. Most died in the first few months for lack of water. When I called, “Oh, we have a water truck that goes around,” but not in my area. I called and asked why no tree was planted at my rental in the same neighborhood. “We have no more, and no money; if you want one, buy it yourself,” which I did and it is doing great. So when the forestry department gets good management and gets the workers to shape up and do their job, there will be enough money.

I have lived in my home 55 years and have seen it all. When they cut all the roots on a large tree in my front yard, I questioned them if the tree might fall. “Oh, no, I’ve been doing this for years.” A half hour after they left, down came the tree — dented my pickup, damaged my landscaping. Cost to the city: $10 grand. Their response? “Things happen.”

Richard Weiglein, Modesto

Top-rate job by SLC police

As a criminologist with a masters in police administration, I want to praise the Salt Lake Police Department for their magnificent work in finding and arresting the psychopathic killer of the young co-ed. They used every tool in the tool box, from electronics to plain old footwork to bring him in. They had little to go on but overcame it. Not only that, but they had to overcome the emotion of the incident, which will probably be with them for some time.

I think those who continually bash the police should realize that we have a dedicated force of men and women in blue who are there to protect us from those who would prey on society.

Ray Simon, Modesto

Rapidly execute cop killers

Please help protect our first responders with a mandatory death penalty sentence: If any criminal murders a police officer, firefighter or emergency health care worker in the course of their duties, the criminal murderer will be executed after a rapid trial.

Our heroes risk their lives every day by running into unknown dangers to rescue perfect strangers from any life-threatening danger. We owe them and their families better protection with the more severe deterrent of a death penalty. “Stop in the name of the law” needs to be respected with immediate obedience, and the California governor should not be allowed to veto it.

Rebecca B. Clover, Modesto

What’s worse than incessant barking?

People keep their dogs inside on the Fourth because the noise upsets them. What about the other 364 days of the year? Your dog barking at random hours day or night is worse than robo calls. Do you really think it doesn’t bother your neighbors? If you are up at 5 a.m. or gone for the weekend, you don’t have to hear it, but your neighbors do. How would you like it if your neighbor’s alarm went off 20 or more times a day or night? Robo calls and barking dogs should both be outlawed.

Laney Dwight Valek, Modesto

Carson case = political prosecution

Now that Frank Carson has been found not guilty, where is the justice? Certainly none was found for the Kauffmans. Not only was a dear family member taken from them but they were then used as a cudgel to extract revenge on Carson by District Attorney Birgit Fladager for running against her in an election. This was an abuse of political office, and not only has it cost our county millions of dollars but we will rightly owe many more millions to try to make things right to Carson and his family. They deserve justice too.

Our criminal system was used to destroy these peoples’ lives. There should be another criminal investigation into the District Attorney’s office to determine if indeed this was politically motivated. Since Birgit was just elected and will retain her office for many years to come, a recall petition will have to be initiated or there will be no credibility in her office. She needs to resign.

Frank Carson, a prominent member of my community, was thrown in jail and denied bail for over a year. This scares me to my core — am I next because I wrote this letter?

Michael Noordewier, Modesto

Stop wasting homeless funds

The next relocation stop for Modesto’s homeless will be the Salvation Army, with 180-something beds set up similar to the transitional program. 180 beds... so what happens to the remainder of those currently staying at Tent City under the Ninth Street bridge?

You would think that with the millions of dollars allocated to the city of Modesto and Stanislaus County through HUD that something more than administrative costs would show up. To house the homeless in the Salvation Army building will do nothing but create legal issues that were specifically addressed by the 9th Circuit Court in its recent ruling; shelters cannot have religious requirements attached in order to obtain a bed. I don’t see the Salvation Army changing its mandate to accommodate 180 homeless people. Maybe it’s finally reached the point where the federal courts need to be made aware of Modesto’s waste of HUD funds.

Ralph Carpenter, Modesto

Better treatment for detainees

Thousands of minors are in custody; that means jailed in wire cages, like animals at the pound. I wrote a letter about this last summer in The Bee and things have not changed, in fact they have gotten worse. Recent reports have shown that children are not being taken care of with the most basic items needed to stay clean and healthy. Things like soap, clean water, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Babies and infants go without diapers, clean clothes and medical care. Babies are taken care of by older babies, many times not even family members.

It is past time to act. Call or write the White House, contact our governor and our local representatives, talk to your friends, family and neighbors. Speak out! This cruel and un-American action must not be allowed to continue. These tender-age shelters are lice-infested, flu-spreading, cage-filled camps. The longer this wicked policy is allowed, the more difficult it will be to reunite those families who have been torn apart.

It is time to make America great again and stop this humanitarian crisis. This must end; this is not America.

Richard C. Ornelas, Modesto

Give us more like this

Re “Mexico is not the enemy” (Page 8A, June 28): I really enjoyed the column. It gives a history of Mexico’s part in WWII as well as its ally status with the U.S. It was well-written, factual and interesting. Would love to see more articles like this.

Jan Satariano, Modesto