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Letters to the editor | Friday, June 28, 2019: Harder supporters say he does it all

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Harder’s energy, passion are infectious

I’m writing this letter in support of Josh Harder, our local representative in Congress. I became interested in Josh when I spoke to some of his volunteers during his campaign. I became a believer in Josh when I heard what he had to say at an event he spoke at. The energy, passion and emotion that he brought was infectious. I looked around the room and could tell everyone felt like me: “This is our guy.” It’s because of Josh I voted for the first time in my life and will continue to exercise that right as long as I live. I’ve since subscribed to his newsletter and was invited to a town hall meeting regarding jobs and economic growth plans for our community. My wife and I attended this meeting. It was very informative and he had a great panel that explained how they were working together with Josh to better prepare our community for the present as well as the future. On our way home that night it felt good knowing Josh is committed to working for us. Josh, you will have my support and vote throughout your career. Thank you, Congressman Harder.

Ray Lopez, Modesto

Harder is healing wounds

I’m not sure I understand how our nation became so fractured and I’m not convinced understanding is critical. What is critical is that our nation unites and heals wounds. Not because of an outside crisis, but because our people, our nation and our heritage deserve every effort to heal wounds, and demonstrate what a great nation we are. The healing process starts in every community, district and state. That is why I am so proud to have Josh Harder represent me in the 10th Congressional District. Recently, Congressman Harder held a series of town halls and office hours. I am impressed with how Congressman Harder seeks out information, listens to concerns and is devoted to representing all of his district. Furthermore, I appreciate his prompt response to inquires and feedback to his constituents. We need honest elected officials who are not just making noise, but put their constituents, and nation above their own self interests. This starts in each community, district and state. That is why I am so proud that district 10 has elected a Congressman that puts us or should I say “U.S.” first. Thank you Josh Harder.

Warren G. Council, Escalon

Harder inspires hope for the nation

Voting can be tricky for the first time, especially when you don’t know if the candidates will keep their promises. But there was something different about Josh Harder that pulled me in to support him during the 2018 midterm election. Seeing how Josh Harder makes his constituents his No. 1 priority by getting involved with the community and actually spending time listening to their stories and their concerns makes me feel like he’s different than most politicians. He has been holding multiple town halls, visiting schools, attending community events, and many other things to make sure his constituents know they can count on him. Seeing him taking the concerns of the valley and making an actual difference in Washington gives me hope for not only the community, but the nation.

Rachel Norton, Riverbank

Harder hits it out of the park

Josh Harder has only been in Congress for less than a year and he is hitting it out of the park. Josh has held numerous public events throughout the district. He continually takes questions from the public just like he did at the jobs town hall in north Modesto that I attended a few weeks ago. Legislatively, Josh recently introduced the No Health Care, No Raise Act. It will prevent Congress from receiving a pay raise until absolutely everyone has comprehensive health coverage. Josh has also secured $14 million for four Central Valley projects: North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program, Del Puerto Canyon Reservoir, Sites Reservoir, and the Los Vaqueros Reservoir expansion. Lastly and most importantly to me, Josh Harder has co-sponsored the DREAM and Promise Act of 2019 that will provide a permanent resident status to Dreamers within our community. These are great first steps for his first year in office. I’m looking forward to the progress that will be coming in the future.

Juan Vazquez, Ceres

Harder bags groceries, reads to children

I really appreciate Rep. Josh Harder’s tireless efforts and accomplishments as a member of Congress. He has made it very clear that he genuinely cares about his constituents and our district. Josh Harder introduced the SAVE Act to update our water infrastructure by investing in innovation for drought resistance and groundwater management, improving storage capacity, and increasing federal funding. In May, Josh secured $14 million for four Central Valley projects. Josh makes listening to his constituents his top priority. When he was in the district recently, he held three town halls, visited Ceres Save Mart to bag some groceries, and read to children at Head Start. Keep up the great work, Rep. Josh Harder!

Janet Stephens, Turlock

Harder looks beyond partisan politics

Let’s hope newly-elected Congressman Josh Harder’s willingness to work across party lines will translate to greater effectiveness in Washington, D.C. Ever since taking office, Harder has made it clear he wants to put aside partisan politics and work for the betterment of his district. Whether by addressing water issues, the homelessness and housing crisis, or working for better care for the mentally ill, Josh Harder is showing he understands the needs of his district and is willing to work to address them. Probably because he is a native son with deep family roots in the region, Harder realizes that we can’t solve problems if we’re constantly at odds politically. In the past, citizens of the San Joaquin Valley were able to accept each others’ political differences without the rancor and distrust we see today. Maybe if we all followed Congressman Harder’s lead we could start getting things done and move beyond the partisan gridlock that has prevailed over the last decade.

Eric Caine, Modesto

Harder stands up to Big Pharma

I am writing this letter in support of Congressman Josh Harder’s efforts on behalf of residents of the Central Valley. Congressman Josh Harder will protect coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, the same coverage that Jeff Denham voted against. He has also introduced legislation that would prevent Congress from giving themselves a raise until they have provided a way to ensure that every American has access to affordable and comprehensive health care. The GOP, even though they ran on the platform of health care, has failed to deliver and in fact is making efforts to undermine the advances made by the Affordable Care Act. Our elected representatives must stand up to Big Pharma and make life-saving drugs, like insulin, more affordable. Right now it’s insurance companies that control our health care. My physician writes me a 90-day prescription for an oral medication, but my insurance will only cover 30 days, forcing me to pay three co-pays instead of one. More money in the pockets of Big Pharma. Why would Congress think they deserve a raise when they have failed to do their jobs? You and I don’t get a raise if we perform poorly, why should they?

Gaetana Drake, Modesto

Harder helps the homeless

I’ve lived here in the Central Valley now for more than 20 years. I grew to love and appreciate the Central Valley for its small communities and the closeness of the people you meet within your community. I have noticed that Modesto and other communities around us are getting worse as far as homelessness, health and mental health issues. Many families and individuals are just making ends meet. Since Josh Harder has taken over, I’ve noticed a big difference. Josh takes action. Josh Harder comes out to the communities to get to know all his constituents. His town halls are always in small venues and he is usually just 10 feet away. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat. He doesn’t just talk, he listens to all. He recently held town hall meetings in Manteca, Patterson, and Modesto. Josh goes out and looks for the root of community problems. He worked with union workers at Save Mart in Ceres, visited a homeless encampment, visited a local trade school, and went to Head Start. I think Josh Harder is doing an excellent job by reaching out to the community and not just being a “do nothing” politician in Washington.

Evelyn Navarette, Riverbank