Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Wednesday, June 26, 2019: Biden, immigration and abortion

Dems won’t help fix immigration

Re “Insults and threats won’t fix immigration problem” (Page 8A, June 25): Joe Biden; in your article, paragraph three starts “we are a nation of laws made up of hardworking blah, blah, blah.” If I stole a purse, assault you, kick a cat, or throw a rock at a sea lion, I would be going to jail or have to pay a large fine. But breaking federal law as these people are doing gets rewarded. You and the Democratic Party think breaking federal law is just fine — then I will stop paying my federal income tax. Last month President Trump wanted to send all illegals to sanctuary cities such as San Francisco, but Gov. Newsom and Nancy Pelosi would not take one of the illegals.

Secondly, 20% of the illegals crossing the boarders are ill or have serious medical problems. Subjecting our boarder patrol people, our children and American workers to these diseases is irresponsible. Building the wall, vetting and quarantining them is in the best interest of America.

Sixty-eight percent of all Americans want Congress to get off its butt and do its job. Our president, by himself, is trying with no help from the Democratic Party.

Steven Casey, Manteca

Keep abortion pill out of college

Re “Audit report: CSU stashed $1.5B as it raised tuition without informing public” (Front Page, June 22): They may want to keep that money stashed away in case SB-24 passes. The bill would force the University of California and the California State University campuses to distribute chemical abortion drugs to female students at on-campus student health centers. These drugs have severe side effects and can also cause life-threatening complications, something university clinics are not set up to supervise. With chemical abortions, women always suffer and babies always perish.

This will go on until the UC and CSU campuses run out of money from lawsuits filed by women who suffer the aftermath of the abortion pill.

Charmaine Dennis, Modesto

Let’s redefine abortion debate

In the debate over abortion, the pro-choice side has had great success in defining the issue as a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body. This assumes that the fetus in the pregnant woman’s uterus is part of her body, just as is her arm, leg, heart, lungs or any other organ or part of her body.

However, an examination would clearly demonstrate that the fetus in her uterus is not a part of her body. A fetus has a different DNA, typically a different blood type and often is of a different gender than that of its mother. So how can it be a part of her body? Thus the argument for the pro-choice position is based on a false premise.

Elton Nelson, Turlock