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Letters to the editor | Friday, June 14, 2019: Socialism, heat wave and MoBand

Season 100 kicks off in style for Modesto’s beloved MoBand

MoBand kicked off its centennial season Thursday night with yet another delighted crowd at Graceada Park.
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MoBand kicked off its centennial season Thursday night with yet another delighted crowd at Graceada Park.

Apology appropriate for anti-AOC video

Re “Grizzlies’ video accurate: Socialists oppose freedom” (Page 6B, June 6): Thank heavens Elizabeth Heng lost her election. Her column showed a serious lack of world understanding, sounding more like far-right propaganda.

The Grizzlies were right to apologize for the content of the video shown on Memorial Day. They are a sports team, not a propaganda agency. Yes, free speech is a right, but the video was extremely inappropriate. Heng and the video confuse U.S. “socialists” with brutal dictatorships in Venezuela, Cuba and Russia

May I explain to everyone that public schools, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are all socialism, as is taxing all to build roads and support mass transit, even though we may not use them? Does Heng worry that these are part of a slippery slope into a Venezuelan disaster? AOC and Bernie are proposing Medicare for all and more aid for college students, not a Russian-style revolution.

In contrast, our current president shows strong tendencies that are very consistent with dictatorship — trying to silence enemies, calling the free press enemies of the state (a Stalin era phrase), calling unfavorable but true news stories fake, and admiring brutal dictators.

James Peck, Modesto

House payment situation resolved

In February I set up an auto bill pay with my bank for my house payment. When I started entering the information, the bank’s website autofilled. I compared it with my statement; I thought everything looked OK. I didn’t catch it but the zip code and P.O. box had two numbers switched. All the information was right except those two numbers. The money ended up being cashed at the U.S. Treasury.

For two months, sometimes three or four times a week, I was down at the bank trying to get this resolved. They said it was my fault and wouldn’t give me my money back.

I am a retired bricklayer. A house payment is too much money not to fight for, so I called Congressman Josh Harder’s office and set up a meeting with a great lady whose name is Ishtar. She was very helpful with resolving my problem.

Brent Kirkes, Manteca

Take precautions against heat

It’s the heat wave, and we’re in for many more before Jack Frost comes nipping at our noses.

Before you go to work each morning, please remember to make sure your four-legged family members have a place to stay cool from the extreme heat, along with plenty of fresh, clean water. Please be kind to each other and everything that lives and breathes. Remember to water your plants and vegetation responsibly and don’t forget how important it is to conserve electricity.

Seniors, don’t hesitate to call on your neighbors for help if your cooling unit fails. Parents, never leave your children or pets in a car even if the windows are cracked. May God watch over us all, especially our brothers and sisters who are homeless.

Efren Martinez, Modesto

MoBand does Modesto proud

Thank you, George Gardner, MoBand and staff and crew for making the 100th concert year-opener so memorable. The concert fell on D-Day, so MoBand paid respectful tribute by playing a medley of 1940s-era songs. We in the audience were living proof of one of the very freedoms our soldiers sacrificed for 75 years ago — sitting in a park enjoying music with family, friends and neighbors. It was a moment of true Americana!

Just before intermission, George addressed the crowd and explained the next song would be in honor of a long-time MoBand attendee who used to always sit front and center. He was recognizable by his big hat, as he stood and encouraged the crowd to clap along. That man was our friend, David Bradford, who passed this spring. His friends carried on his tradition at Thursday’s concert. Thank you, George, for honoring David with that wonderful gesture of playing his favorite march. You and MoBand are class acts. You did Modesto proud at the 100th year anniversary concert of MoBand.

Ann Marie Mangini, Modesto