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Letters to the editor | Tuesday, June 11, 2019: Hospital pickets, opium, Dems and Dreamers

California democrats tell us their favorite presidential candidates and why

Californians who attended the democratic convention share their favorite presidential candidates for the 2020 election at Moscone Center in San Francisco on Saturday, June 1, 2019.
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Californians who attended the democratic convention share their favorite presidential candidates for the 2020 election at Moscone Center in San Francisco on Saturday, June 1, 2019.

Doctors Hospital mistreated picketing nurses

Re “City warns hospital amid claims of sprinklers used against picketing nurses” (Page 3A, May 30): Doctors Medical Center (Tenet Healthcare) makes the decision to disrupt the peaceful and lawful assembly of several hundred DMC nurses who are protesting inadequate staffing of the hospital? By turning the sprinklers on them? Repeatedly. Really? The same Tenet which paid more than $7 million in penalties for more than 140,000 missed hospital breaks in a two-year period?

Pretty shabby and petty treatment of the professional staff that keeps their business running. Willing to bet the CEO and his staff don’t have to worry about missing breaks from the office.

Susan Azevedo, Modesto

Hemp, opium — bring it on

Re “Stanislaus County to allow small parcel hemp cultivation” (Front Page, June 5): Along with 12 acres of hemp parcels and 12-acre parcels of marijuana, why not 12-acre parcels of poppy plants? They blossom in April or May and mature in June or July into pretty blueish-green-and-yellow capsules. Then of course we would have testing labs to control the amount of opium juice produced to limit and control the morphine and other alkaloids so we all don’t get higher. They are all great cash crops.

Ernie Seppi, Modesto

Democrats are ruining everything

I was watching the convention in San Francisco, where I was born. The stupidity of it all. Watching a candidate trying to tell the people the dangers of socialism. He got booed. What does that tell you? Democrats are totally followers.

I was a Democrat once. Then I saw them moving totally to the far left. Can you move any farther left than socialism? Totally laughable. Let me name the cities that shouldn’t even elect a Dem: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Modesto, Seattle. These cities are overrun by homeless, drug addicts, crime. Now they have the gall to re-elect Democrats. Totally laughable. These were beautiful cities.

The West Coast is crumbling with Democratic leaders. They don’t even try to help. Look at Modesto. They take away a park that families used to go to, and make it into a tent city. That isn’t laughable. It’s downright disgusting. If they would have done something years ago, it might not have gotten so out of hand. So yes, California, elect all your Democrats. California is going down the toilet. Not laughable, totally sad.

Linda Meyer, Sonora

Harder has Dreamers’ backs

In six short months, Congressman Harder has demonstrated his commitment with frequent public meetings across District 10, bi-partisan work for farmers and veterans, and now as co-sponsor of HR6, the Dream and Promise Act of 2019. This latter would provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, temporary protected status holders and deferred enforced departure holders. Having gone to high school with fellow students who later qualified for DACA, and having taught these students at Modesto Junior College, he recognizes how much these immigrants are contributing to our community and our local, state and national economies. Like Harder who returned to his community, many of these young immigrants returned to our area upon completing their education and are making District 10 stronger.

Marianne Villalobos, Modesto