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Letters to the editor | Tuesday, June 4, 2019: Trump, D-Day veterans and electricity

Trump haters are treasonous

Re “An invitation to impeach” (Page 8A, May 31): Dana Milbank’s diatribe contains more misrepresentations and lies than 200 words can rebut.

First, the allegation of “Putin’s interference in the 2016 election” is a damn lie, no matter how often the media trumpets it. Except for a few isolated instances — the most significant was the California DMV registering untold thousands of illegal immigrants to vote — the election was conducted properly. Votes were cast, accumulated and tallied accurately. Even President Obama verified that fact. Some Russians undoubtedly participated in the political campaign, but they did not interfere in the election.

Second, accusing President Trump of calling whatever the Russians did the “Russian hoax” is another damn lie. Trump has always referred to Mueller’s investigation of alleged collusion with the Russians during the 2016 campaign as the hoax. Mueller himself has verified that Trump was telling the truth, no collusion. It seems clear that the investigation was all a scheme generated by Trump haters in the Justice Department, and that does indeed seem like a definition of “treason.” What else do you call it when someone in the government, with no evidence, attacks the President?

Douglas N. Brower, Ballico

U.S. president envies dictators

President Trump’s politics on extremely important issues have been driven entirely by his hatred for his predecessor. He backed out of the trade agreement with our Asian allies who would now be supporting us in our trade war with China. He prefers one on one. How has that worked out? North Korean and Russian leaders are making a fool of him and damaging our country.

If he could sign a deal with North Korea identical to Obama’s Iran deal, he would jump at it. He pulled us out of the Iran deal; they are now restarting their nuclear program. He is also threatening war with Iran. Ridiculous.

With Russia, all he cares about is more help in the 2020 election and in improved relations with Putin for personal business relations after his presidency. This could earn him $100 million.

Bottom line: He loves dictators because he wishes he was one.

Bob Gould, Groveland

Honor vets on D-Day anniversary

June 6 is the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Operation Overlord. My dad was on Omaha Beach that day in 1944, with the U.S. Navy.

Congressman Josh Harder and his staff made sure I received my dad’s service records and all the medals he had been awarded in time for the anniversary. This assistance preserves our history and honors our veterans for their service and sacrifice.

The next time you hear someone demanding their rights, remember why we have them.

Sally Goehring, Knights Ferry

Thoughts on energy production, use

Our leaders have a real limited idea of energy. Everyone wants us to be all electric with no idea how it gets generated.

Most of what we use comes from fossil fuels. In order for everything to run on electricity we need a much bigger electrical grid with storage capacity. You can’t generate all that power with solar, wind and hydro only. Nuclear reactors can do it without polluting the air. Windmills kill birds. Plus you can’t build all that new infrastructure without fossil fuels.

We we want our products to be manufactured in other countries, because we want the pollution there, not here. Well, guess what? The air on this planet moves east to west, so it ends up here anyway. It took a century plus to get this far; correcting our sins will take just as long. Everyone needs to take ownership of their wasteful ways.

Alton Uplinger, Oakdale

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