Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Monday, May 20, 2019: Electric hypocrisy, Harder and Trump

Phony energy info helps no one

I wish Karen Skelton and Kevin de León would tell California the whole truth. Clean energy is great but someone has to build the solar panels, batteries, converters, inverters, conduit and wire that go along with it.

Let’s look at the facts. First, 68 percent of solar panels are made in southeast Asia, 42 percent of lead acid batteries are made in China, 82 percent of electrical conduit is made in China, and only 10 percent of lead acid battery recycling is done in California. California says, “Let’s pollute China and other countries so we can look like we are protecting the polar bears.” Second, California is the No. 1 burner of fossil fuel in America, but you better not drill along our coast.

California and its politicians are phoneys. We’d better start waking up and smell the BS that these people are putting out.

Steven Casey, Manteca

Remember our military overseas

The U.S. Post Office has done it again and raised fees to send care packages to troops overseas. If we didn’t have to pay so much to send packages, look how many more we could send.

A recent thank you note from a soldier said, “It is so nice that the folks back home still remember us over here.”

Jackie Baker, Groveland

You can talk to Harder

I am writing today to say how pleased I am with the performance of our freshman congressman from California District 10, Josh Harder.

I have been very disillusioned with our past congressional leaders who seem to talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. Harder promised if elected he would set a new standard for accessibility and transparency and so far he has kept that promise. In just 100 days in office he has already held seven town halls in various locations throughout the district. I was privileged to attend one of these earlier this year in Ceres. There was no set agenda or prepared questions and answers as I have seen previously in our district. The congressman took questions and answered in a very mature, professional and informed manner. He further impressed me with providing extremely thorough instructions on how to contact him if needed.

I appreciate him taking time to listen to all of us and hope to go to another town hall soon.

Diana G. Jaycox, Waterford

Sure, the wealthy love Trump...

Re “Robust economy justifies anything” (Letters, May 16): The writer tries to defend Trump by saying that the current economy is the only measure of this president. The overwhelming beneficiaries of this economy are the biggest of the corporate world and the wealthiest Americans. The rest of us are floundering in debt with jobs that underpay, and we lay awake at night, fearful that Trump and the GOP will strip away our healthcare plans.

I would also remind the writer that Adolf Hitler did wonders for the economy in Nazi Germany prior to World War II.

Peter M. Sommer, Salida

The verge of collapse

The way Trump and Barr refuse to obey the laws of the land and accept the consequences of their corrupt, traitorous actions has brought us to the edge of total social collapse and cannot be excused.

Never has the social contract of our republic been so transparently violated by those in power. We have the power together to bring them down, and they are counting on our complacency. Don’t be complacent, don’t give up, don’t be satisfied with the diminishing rights they see fit to give us.

Never forget, America was not always like this. Don’t stop fighting, demand accountability, insist on your rights. March, wave signs, write letters, make phone calls, give donations, volunteer, do all you can until the war is won.

Elizabeth Harper, Sonora