Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Wednesday, May 15, 2019: State of the city, cancer testing and feral cats

Modesto’s biggest state of the city

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce would like to thank The Modesto Bee for covering the Modesto state of the city address. The chamber was proud to be the convener for this important address. With almost 400 people attending (including no-cost seats), this year’s event has the highest attendance record since we inaugurated the event.

We were pleased to see mayors from surrounding cities, various county representatives and other elected officials, along with heavy participation from the business community in attendance. The mayor delivered a very positive message while sharing his observations about our community. Mayor Brandvold’s message focused on community pride and economic plans for the future.

We appreciate the mayor for his address and his encouragement to direct proceeds from this event to the Stanislaus Boys and Girls Club.

Cecil Russell, president and CEO, Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Colon cancer test can be painless

My family has had experience with cancer of various organs due to some sort of unknown inherited gene, hence my interest in early recognition of cancer.

For older people like myself, a regular trip to a doctor, who can examine the colon, is expensive and quite uncomfortable. Recently, I learned of a technique using DNA of human waste that is comfortable, inexpensive and covered by many medical insurances. All you need to do is ask your physician for the DNA test for colon cancer. It is claimed to be 92 percent accurate and avoids any discomfort whatsoever. If there is any doubt, one can always do it the uncomfortable way.

The last time I saw a doctor about colon cancer, I had to ask specifically about the DNA test before I was set up for it. It is a very common, deadly cancer and needs to be detected early, when it can be cured.

Vance Kennedy, Modesto

Protecting ducklings is hypocritical

Re “Whiskered assassins taking a heavy toll on riverfront wildlife in Stanislaus County” (Page 6A, May 6): In his column, Steve Taylor, a behavior analyst, blamed feral cats for killing two ducklings. He demands that feral cats not be fed and no-dumping laws be enforced. The fact that Steve is a duck hunter is hypocritical. He also suggested stray cats and dogs could be shot. That is disgusting and inhumane.

PBS did a documentary about how feral cats are not the cause of the decline of the bird population. Humans, loss of habitat and pesticides are the main causes. If feral cats were no longer fed, the average cat would need to eat three birds or rodents a day. It was more likely hawks, owls or snakes that killed the ducklings.

Here Steve is demanding laws be followed yet he wrote a past column on having to appear in Federal Court for using illegal ammunition. It’s a shame that The Bee can’t find someone more qualified than a hypocritical hater to write columns.

Ann Rosasco, Modesto

Blame owners, not cats

Re “Whiskered assassins taking a heavy toll on riverfront wildlife in Stanislaus County” (Page 6A, May 6): Steve Taylor suggests shooting feral and colony cats because he blames them for killing ducklings, yet he is an avid fowl hunter. He advocates this violence against cats because he holds them responsible for diminishing wildlife, and wants to protect it. Yet, he openly admits on his Facebook profile to beating a hawk “as a lesson to the others” before letting it out of his quail pen (post made Nov. 13, 2013 at 23:20).

While it’s easy to just blame the cat, it distracts from the undeniable root of the problem: people who irresponsibly neglect to spay and neuter their cats, and people who illegally dump these unaltered cats into our parks and parking lots to fend for themselves.

It greatly saddens and disgusts me that you publish material from a man with such questionable moral standards and hypocrisy. The Modesto Bee has always been a positive experience for me until now. And while you claim that his article doesn’t represent the opinion of The Bee, it raises some eyebrows as to why you would publish such a clearly biased column against the TNR movement.

Linda Mussay, Modesto

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