Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Wednesday, May 8, 2019: Crime, Turlock books, Hughson AcaDec

A Friends of the Turlock Library book sale in 2011
A Friends of the Turlock Library book sale in 2011 Modesto Bee

The system fails us

Re “No reason that boy should’ve died” (Front Page, April 28): Your article only opens the door to many other questions. Are we safer today than we were 50 years ago? No! The state government started a series of bills, like Assembly Bill 109 which they referred to as realignment, and other bills that mask the problem and give cover to our legislators who often say crime is down. Not true.

If we want to build more prisons it has to pass either the Legislature or popular vote for the money, which is no easy task. Also it has to go through a number of committees which can also take years. Example: How long did it take to get the Oakdale bypass route approved? Twenty-plus years. Has our new courthouse been built yet? No.

Is there a reason why the boy died? Yes. The whole system has failed and continues to fail us all.

Richard A. McCullough, Modesto

Seeking storage for Turlock books

Friends of the Turlock Public Library Annual Book Sale needs your help.

Every winter for the past several years book lovers have been able to attend our book sale and walk away with scores of books for a fraction of their original cost. Proceeds from the sale are used by the Friends of the Turlock Public Library to assist our library in purchasing items that are not covered under the general library budget: outside book drop bin, electronic entry doors, superb children programs and special events, periodicals, DVDs etc.

The Friends of the Turlock Public Library annual book sale is a win-win. We thank the public for donating their used books and we thank the public even more for buying them.

In order to continue our book sale, a place to store our books is needed. For the past few years, an unused barn was donated as our book depository. This location may soon be sold . We are looking for a structure such as an unused garage, large shed or small barn in Turlock, the size of a classroom, about 20 feet by 25 feet. If you or a friend have such a structure and have been wondering to yourself, “Boy, I wish there was some way I could utilize this unused building while helping my community,” please contact us. You just might be the one responsible for saving an event that has provided so much for our community. Email patportwood@gmail.com or call 209-417-2359.

Brooks Judd, Turlock

Hughson AcaDec does us proud

Re “Hughson Academic Decathlon team takes home national title” (Page 3A, May 6): Congratulations to Hughson schools for county, state and national awards. What an outstanding achievement for the staff, students and community, all of whom are deserving of these accolades. It is encouraging to read about learning being recognized as part of the school environment along with daily sports. The time, study, effort and goals involved in possible success for all is the purpose of education and should be encouraged regularly.

Where is Stanislaus County? Well, now the academic nation knows. So proud for each of you and know you feel the same. Excellent!

Jerry Rhine, Modesto

Just watch Harder go

Congressman Josh Harder is what America needs. He is very open and willing to listen whether you are Democrat or Republican. He has given many town halls in Turlock, Modesto and Tracy, sharing his views and listening to people’s concerns about water issues, government pay raises and more jobs. His confidence shows at each speaking event, and whether he agrees or disagrees, he comes with strong reasoning .

Harder spoke about time constraints we have in getting things done. Concerns on the Tuolumne River, water issues, the VA, affordable housing, improving health care and jobs are all important to young adults as well as their elders.

Along with Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta National Heritage site legislation, passed and signed in March by the White House, there will be many more bills and amendments that Congressman Josh Harder will have a hand in accomplishing.

Blanche Mayes, Tracy