Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Monday, April 22, 2019: Of Prop 13, Trump and Harder

Rep. Josh Harder, left
Rep. Josh Harder, left aalfaro@modbee.com

Companies pass costs to customers

Re “After 40 years, it’s time to reform Proposition 13” (Page 8A, April 3): Lenny Goldberg, you are being less than honest when you say that companies need to pony up more taxes. Your low-education readers are probably all drooling and chanting “Yes, make them pay more!” Were they educated in the least they would realize it is them who will ultimately pay that tax.

So why not be honest about it? Oh wait, that wouldn’t fit your agenda.

Basic business math tells us that when a business (I have built, sold and own several) is faced with yet another tax or fee, they increase their prices to cover it. Irrefutable fact. Do you think Chevron or any other company is just going to say, “Oh yeah, you caught us; we’ll pay more”? Do you think that will be coming out of shareholders’ pockets? The executives’ pockets? No, it will come out of everyone’s pocket. They will call that a cost of doing business and raise their prices.

Dee Tyler, Salida

Why not hold Trump accountable?

I can sort of understand why a sitting president cannot be indicted for most crimes committed while in office, but can someone explain to me why there is no indictment for crimes committed before the election takes place?

David Ablett, Modesto

GOP had chances and stumbled

Re “Rather than helping people, Democrats just argue amongst themselves” (Page 8A, April 16): The idea that Republicans have ground upon which to stand to criticize House Democrats for their legislative acumen is laughable.

I need only point out that despite a clear majority in both the Senate and House and control of the Executive (branch), Republicans passed no meaningful legislation except a ruinous tax bill. In their first hundred days they set out on an ultimately failed quest to destroy the Affordable Care Act, a quest they have embarked upon numerous times since 2010 and have yet to achieve success.

Richard Cato, Modesto

Congressman is accessible

Rep. Josh Harder has proven that he is a friend to the Assyrian Community in the Central Valley. This week, he held a town hall to listen to our concerns and to start building even stronger connections between his office and our community. He was interested in what everyone had to say and gave thoughtful answers to our questions.

Rep. Harder has held five town halls already – that’s more than our old congressman held over the past two years. Josh’s commitment to transparency and accessibility make him a great representative for all of us.

I hope we see more of Congressman Harder over the next couple years. I know he will continue getting things done for all of us while remaining open and accessible.

Melina Ramano, Turlock