Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor | Sunday, April 21, 2019: GOP distortion, UCP, Modesto marathoner


GOP House leader distorts truth

Re “Rather than helping people, Democrats just argue amongst themselves” (Page 8A, April 16): Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s opinion in the April 16 Modesto Bee is riddled with misrepresentations, even lies.

1) He condemns House Democrats for “wasting time” debating policy. Isn’t this how good legislating is supposed to evolve, rather than blindly following an uninformed president? 2) He criticizes Democratic health-care efforts. Never mind that Republicans have weakened the Affordable Care Act at every turn and have zero plans of their own. 3) He asserts that Democrats have refused to condemn anti-Semitism. In fact, Republicans used procedural rules to play “gotcha.” In order to pass a final resolution to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, Democrats had to first vote to reject a pro-Israel amendment.

4) He horribly insinuates that Democrats support infanticide. Surely he knows this is murder and would be prosecuted as such under the “Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002.” But if a newborn has defects incompatible with life, he or she deserves loving and appropriate care without politician-mandated, futile, painful interventions. 5) He claims to be fighting to end the humanitarian crisis at the border. Are the Republicans really working with Democrats to forge a multifaceted plan to both help refugees and tighten the border? Or are they merely kowtowing to Trump out of fear?

Kevin McCarthy is a long-serving representative and his essays are welcome. But he needs to be honest.

Diana Doll, Modesto

Award contract to best bid

Re “Our View: Modesto must not put money ahead of people” (Page 2B, April 17): The city is responsible to all Modesto residents. Modernizing city services benefits everyone.

The city is required to request proposals for bus bench services. This process produced two bidders. Creative Outdoor Advertising proposed more than requested, including new benches designed to discourage camping and vandalism while being easier to maintain. The bid was financially better than the bid from United Cerebral Palsy which did not include the additional items. Creative Outdoor Advertising provides the benefit of national experience.

The bidding process only works when you get bidders. Rejecting the most qualified and economical bidder perverts the competitive bidding policy and discourages potential bidders for future projects.

United Cerebral Palsy is a necessary part of our community. They, like any other organization, must evolve. This is their time for change, and they need some partners to help them transition to a new opportunity.

Instead of beating up on each other, let’s recognize the need for change as an opportunity to work together and move everyone forward, including United Cerebral Palsy.

The city hasn’t put money ahead of people. It has obtained a great bid for modernized city services for everyone.

Tim Ragsdale, Modesto

Modesto marathoner’s record stood 19 years

Barbara Miller is a household name among Modesto runners, with a string of national records and best times. One of those records was in the women’s 60-64 year-old age group at the Boston Marathon.

Joan Benoit Samuelson is one of the few marathon runners who just might be a household name around the world. She won the gold medal in the first women’s Olympic marathon in 1984. She won the Boston Marathon 40 years ago, in 1979.

This year, on the 40th anniversary of that win, Benoit again ran at the Boston Marathon and broke the record for the women’s 60-64 age group in a time of 3:04. The record that she broke was the one held by Barbara Miller of Modesto. Barbara’s record stood for 19 years, an eon in the sports world. It took the likes of Joan Benoit to break it. As Barbara said, “If you ever wanted someone to break your marathon record, it would be Joan Benoit.”

Congratulations to both Barbara Miller and Joan Benoit Samuelson.

Adrian Crane, Modesto

Where are you, Gavin?

Why would we want to tour a country whose citizens are leaving it by the thousands? Would (the governor’s) time and money be better spent here helping California with its problems?

Edward Holt, Riverbank

Harder reaches out to Assyrians

As president of the Assyrian American Civic Club, I want to thank Congressman Josh Harder for hosting a town hall to hear the concerns of our community. Assyrian Americans here in the Central Valley appreciate Congressman Harder’s commitment to listening to our needs and finding ways to ensure we get the same representation as our neighbors of all ethnicity.

Even though he’s only been in office three months, Congressman Harder has already demonstrated his friendship to our community by making a speech commemorating the Assyrian New Year. It was a simple but important gesture.

Josh is also fighting to protect our access to health care and lowering prescription drug prices, working to bring jobs and opportunity to the Central Valley, and working to improve education. We are lucky to have him representing us in Washington.

Sam David, Turlock

Seek, and ye shall find

Re “ Bible is just mythology” (Page 2B, April 14): This writer suggests that God in the Bible is “unhappy with his flawed creations” and suggests God is repugnant. I would ask the writer, or anyone who believes the Bible is a myth, to read the entire Bible. Jesus, the son of God, gives us all great opportunity to enjoy the fruits of this world with a dear and close friend to help guide us.

I would ask the writer of the letter to walk into any church and read her complaint to any person in that church. Questioning God is a good first step toward understanding him. My grandfather gave me a lesson when he said grace at every meal: God is great, God is good, God is most misunderstood. Seek answers to your questions and you shall find peace and a faith that will carry you through all the troubles of this life.

Damon Woods, Oakdale

Anti-vaxxers ignore good science

Re “The cost of BS is already high, and it keeps going up” (Page A9, April 12): As a pediatric physician’s assistant, I talk with parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. When I ask why, most cannot tell me their reasons in any specific detail. When they can, their reasons are often erroneous or scientifically incorrect, often fueled by emotional, anecdotal experiences of friends whose children may have had adverse reactions to vaccines. Pressed to precisely describe these incidents, they cannot.

These parents are hoodwinked by BS proffered by charlatans, so-called “experts,” and by their own difficulty in evaluating scientific evidence, to distinguish between what is factually true or false. While parsing truth is challenging, now that we have a profoundly ignorant, anti-science, prevaricating president, the problem seems worse than ever for understanding complex issues in our instant, often fake-news world driven by frenzied social media.

Daunting as it is, we and our children must become honest, compassionate critical thinkers, skilled evaluators of information and evidence, because “the cost of baloney is… getting higher all the time.”

James Costello, Ceres

Stand against U.S. infiltrators

As a patriot of these United States of America, I take exception to the stupid people who not only voted Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota into office but brought her in from a country of religious fanatics bent on destroying those who don’t believe as they do. Wake up, Americans. It’s time to not only stand up for the U.S. of A. It’s also time to defend it against inside terrorist sympathizers.

Joe Dooley, Modesto