Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Thursday, April 11: Of Trump, Biden and the Women’s Auxilary

Still awaiting healthcare plan

Congressional Republicans, spurred on by their flaxen-haired leader, tried at least 60 times to do away with, severely modify or otherwise gut Obamacare. They did this without the hint of anything resembling a replacement plan. The system was finally saved by an American who valued people over party – John McCain.

Now, finding votes attached to healthcare, Republicans have yet again promised a really, truly, really "better" plan. (Read this as more profitable for the healthcare industry). But, darn it, we have to wait for "better" until after the 2020 election.

Richard Nixon ran for President also promising a sure-fire plan to end the Vietnam War. Also TBA after his election. Check your history and see how that worked out.

And anyway, how can you believe Trump? A man whose lips and the truth are not even casual acquaintances?

Jack Heinsius, Modesto

Biden’s issue invented by media

Unfortunately for Joe Biden, the lunatic left currently controls the Democratic Party. Biden has the three characteristics the loonies can’t stand: he’s old, he’s white and he’s a man. He could survive one, possibly even two if he were a more compelling campaigner. However, three strikes and you’re out. Sorry Joe, bye-bye.

The media, which loves the loonies, has invented this problem. Biden has probably touched 10,000 women during his long political career. How many have felt uncomfortable? Two? Three? Whatever the number, it is very, very small, but it is all the media hammers on. No one claims he has ever actually assaulted or molested anyone.

Douglas N. Brower, Ballico

A game of numbers

Samuel Newman, in “NYC shouldn’t dictate winner” (Page 2B, April 7), says, “In their infinite wisdom, the United States’ founders created the Electoral College to ensure the states were fairly represented.” He then argues that the election should be decided by counties that are small.

This is a weak argument.

First, states that have under 1 million people (Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming) each have the same two votes in the Senate as the more populous states about which he complains. Most usually send Republicans to the Senate, giving those small states, with far fewer citizens, a disproportionately large say in that body.

Second, one could argue that the smaller states, and small counties, have a disproportionate and unfair power in the Electoral College.

Third, Newman correctly points out that Clinton won the popular vote. If that election were decided on the vote of people in all the states, and since citizens in New York and the smaller counties each have one vote, Trump would have lost the election, which, it appears, Newman would have disliked.

Samuel A. Oppenheim, Franklin, Mass.

Professor Emeritus of History, CSU, Stanislaus

Rents are tied to demand, economy

A recent article in The Modesto Bee lauded the benefits of rent control and other disruptive measures to the rental housing industry. Simply put, rents go up because of limited choices and rising incomes, as well as higher incomes from outside areas.

A partial solution was indicated in a Bee editorial, “Our View: Unrealistic housing goals aren’t helping the Valley’s poor“ (Page 2B, April 7), which said state and local governments have to relax building requirements and fees and disregard the NIMBY crowd. Other than that, the market will naturally adjust; Does anyone remember 2008 to 2010, when rents went down?

Ben Sweet, Modesto

Sweet Properties Management & Leasing

Egg-stra special thanks

On behalf of the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary, I want to extend our sincere thank you to everyone who helped make our recent omelet brunch a success. Because of our sponsors, food donors, celebrity chefs and all of you who purchased tickets, we were able to raise much-needed funds to support services of the Salvation Army here in Modesto. The 40th anniversary of this event proved to be our most successful ever! We hope you’ll join us again next year.

Janice Lucero, Modesto

President, Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary